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  • Each author's video group has a hyperlink taking you to where the videos can be found.
  • Individual videos has the Rebirth version they were made within in brackets.
  • "wiki links" next to videos are there to help integrate their topics into the wiki (wiki authors may not have seen the videos).

Egosoft-based video tutorials (available in-game via Options Menu too)

"Waervyn's World" videos (link) 

  • General tips and advice:

  • 5 tips for new players (v3.61)

  • Basic trading (v3.61) (wiki link)

  • Cargo types & Mod spotlight (v3.61) (link)
  • Efficient crate collecting (v3.61)
  • Buy/Sell ships (and how not to lose your crew) (v3.61)
  • Buy/Sell ships remotely (v3.61)
  • Advanced radar functions (v3.61)
  • Claiming small ships (v3.61)
  • 5 must have gameplay mods (v3.61) (NB: A Mission Computer was added in Rebirth v4.0)

"Watch it with Waddy" videos (link)

  • Campaign (wiki link):
    • Part 01 Energy Cell Mission (v1.12)
    • Part 02 Trojan ROV Hacking Mission (v1.12)
    • Part 03 Boarding The Taranis (v1.12)
    • Part 04 Buying and fitting Cargo Drones (v1.13)
    • Part 05 Upgrading The Skunk (v1.14)
    • Part 06 Station Building Mission (v1.15)
    • Part 07 Getting the materials for station (v1.15)
    • Part 08 Split Base Location (v1.17 HF)
    • Part 09 Hacking The Xenon Station (v4.0)
    • Part 10 Final Battle/Mission End Of Campaign (v4.0)

  • HoL DLC (wiki link): 
    • Part 01 Lost in Space (v4.0)
    • Part 02 Those Strange Anomalies (v4.0)
    • Part 03 Evil Empire Begins (v4.0)
    • Part 04 Building the fleet (v4.0)
    • Part 5 Need A Bigger ship (v4.0)
    • Part 6 Bloody Pirates (v4.0)

    • Part 7 Flight Of The Phoenix (v4.0)

  • General tips and advice:
    • Tips on Scanning Station info points and how to find ones you cant see (v1.17 HF)
    • How to use Capital ships to travel (v1.17 HF) (wiki link)
    • Assign New Superior - Giving ships to manager (v1.17 HF) (wiki link)
    • Asteroid Mining Tutorial (v1.17 HF) (wiki link)
    • Gas Mining Tutorial (v1.17 HF) (wiki link)
    • Specialist mining ships do they make a difference? (v1.17 HF) (wiki link)
    • Trading Basics (v1.18) (wiki link)
    • Station Management (v1.18) (wiki link)
    • Ancient Artifact Locations - Mk5 Shields (v4.0) (wiki link)
    • MK5 Engine Mission (v4.0) (wiki link)
    • Warehouse management (v4.0) (wiki link)
  • Mod showcases:
    • Installing Mods (v1.18) (wiki link)
    • Conquest And War In Rebirth Part 1 (v4.0) (wiki link)
    • Conquest And War In Rebirth Part 2 (v4.0) (wiki link)

Community Spotlights:

  • Roguey's site (v1.21)

Hartlytartly's campaign walkthrough and end game

zidder's system exploration videos

1 Comment

  1. I've no problem with walkthroughs using mods to save time in the videos, but could they at least be labelled as such?

    A first-time player looking here may be put off by the amount of mods deemed 'necessary' or 'essential' by the video-makers that they may leave the game in disgust, reckoning it half-finished..

    OK there are still some bugs, but vanilla Campaign/Plot is perfectly completable now; any bugs mostly relate to post-plot/freeplay discrepancies IMO.

     - Snafu

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