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Page cleared ready for next Twitch session.  Previous Q&A are now in the Index here:

Date/Time of Twitch session: 27 September 2017 20:00 CEST



will piracy be viable eg ship capturing

Do we still have to scan the entire station?

can we have landing pads IN ships like the carrier in rebirth you can fly in?

by the way sectors. will it be possible to populate and own player sectors?

Is it possible to go out into space in a spacesuit and walk around the ship and stations?

 Will the boost be tied to shields or there is a fuel for ships that player controls?

 is there any system in place to prevent collisions when exiting gates in large ships? or enter gates when large ships are exiting (aka splat)

In the absence of a hard ship classification system, can you talk a bit about how ships are represented on the map?

Will there be ressource collection with ships like Mining / Gas Collection or only with Stations like in X3 (Asteroid-Mines/Farms etc)

can we teleport to the ststions?

so even capitals are not able to jump, how do they navigate in a fast ways since highways are too small and the old boost did take quite a while, regarding the new sector size it could take very long to react to any capital threat

One thing that bugged me on all X games was the exploration. The universe is big but we never found super cool crazy things like black holes, interesting nebulas or artifacts of a long dead alien civilization. Will that change?

will we be able to get a unique HQ type structure like in X3

Will X4 introduce new ship classes? Titans/Battleships/Battlecruisers etc?

with the transporter can we pirate other ships like in X3 BP

mobile mining is nice but what about mobile production ?

 gibt es Ausrüstungsdocks für große Schiffe?

so the type of workforce will have different effects on the station parameters (productivity, umm "leakage", cost of personnel, etc)?

 in addition: can we have thrust forward/backwards as thrust impulse similar to strafe left/right? (without it overriding our set % thrust) (Elite-like)

for ship collectors, could the docking module be used simply as ship storage for the player if desired?

 Can we copy one layer and stack them in 3rd dimension?

 will there still be mass traffic trading (a really nice feature in my opinion, but i've never been able to recognize it very well)

 can we rearrange station parts after they have been built? Maybe for a certain price for sealing off, move and weld them on again?

will there be Fleet Buildings, Fighter Management, Pilot names?

 can player build shipyard?

regarding landing pads: do they have a shield-dome (since they're very open) or do we run around in a space-suit?

Can we barge into an inhabited system with a fleet and claim it (by force) to get plots for free?

can station build itself, or you always need conctruction vessel?

what about crew in stations built in sectors without any inhabitants (no planets / unsettled planets / etc)?

Will there be any sort of system claiming mechanic in vanilla X4? For example, to capture a system for free plots

 how do you call your ships onto the landing pad and how many ships (s, m) fit into one of these modules?

WIll it be able to use the menus and keybinds to reliably issue orders to specific ships via macro (IE Voice Attack)

Will there be multiple different ships for each role with racial flavor? What about within a race?

Will big Joysticks/Throttles with a lot of buttons be supported. And when yes, will it be possible to use more than one input device like the X Games before?

Will we see a variety of different ships to fill each role, outside of racial flavors? What about multiple sizes of capital ships (a range from X3's M7 to M0)

Universe Design

Any funktion to the new Planets apart from looking pretty

 are there any unconnected system you can find in someway, like a new frontier kind of stuff

can we fly from one sector to another one without using a gate since it's all seamless?


Economy / Trade / Build

User Interface

will we have keybinds like the previous x-games? IE can i order my ships around via voice attack?

Will there be a better financial UI? For example balance sheets for hired(?) traders, stations, sectors etc?

what are those blinking red things on the map? new sensor gameplay?

Combat / Flight

 you mentioned "Adaptive Steering" and you referenced the Elite steering model - will you rework the key mapping, so we may use shift/alt/ctrl as modifiers as well as key strokes?

How will you prevent collisions when exiting gates?


 I noticed the style has changed a lot from X2-X3 and now X4, is there a specific reason for the stylistic change on the ships? 

 Will you be incorporating features from mods? Such as the ability to capture stations, some of the the ship software etc?

Will X4 be multithreaded? 

would there be an option in the settings to remove 99% of the advertisment that is usless for example the highways, they look horrible

 How are the modding capabilities compared to XR?

X3AP Stream - Friday the 15th Q&A

Twitch stream X3AP, questions and answers. Date 15th, time 19:00 CET.


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    what is Vulcan support ?


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