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Reunion! The following section contains information relating to content from the Cradle of Humanity DLC

Short Name: YAK

Moniker(s): Yaki Syndicate, Beryll

Race Description


Faction Description

The Yaki were an infamous organised crime syndicate operating mostly in Argon space, turning a profit by raiding traders and deliberately inciting chaos from which they then could benefit. They were well known for their professional and precise mode of operation, choosing their targets carefully and acting swiftly before any reinforcements could arrive. One branch of the Yaki Syndicate who were especially notorious were the Beryll, specialising in the theft and trade of advanced technologies. Their focus on near-AGI technology would inevitably put them at odds with the Terran government.

During the Jump Gate shutdown, things quietened down considerably. Over time, Yaki raids became a less common occurrence. It appeared that different clans were splintering off and disappearing into obscurity. Even after the gate network was re-established, the Yaki were not as significant a presence as before.

It is now quite rare to spot Yaki ships. To the Community of Planets, it is currently unclear whether the Yaki have a fixed base hidden away somewhere, or whether their remnants are purely nomadic people, as they seem to disappear without a trace after what few raids they do still conduct. In fact, it is not even clear whether there is a coordinated Yaki organisation at all, any more, as their ships have been observed displaying wildly varying and erratic behaviours. All attempts at re-establishing official contact have failed, and on the scant occasions when a pilot has actually managed to communicate with a Yaki, the Yaki pilots' behaviour could only be described as bizarre and their ramblings incoherent. It remains to be seen whether the Yaki pose a real threat to the law-abiding citizens of the network, or whether, in their current state, they are a mere shadow of their former selves.





The Yaki do not control any sectors.


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The Yaki produce two ships only, the Moreya (heavy fighter) and Kuraokami (corvette), they are the improved versions of the Pegasus (fighter) and Nemesis (corvette) respectively.

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