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Accumulated Discovery Points are shown in the Pilot Information Screen. Once sufficient points have been earned, they can be traded in at the Explorers Guild for valuable rewards.


Detailed Info

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Discovery Points

  • Crates created by Explorers Guild 5000
  • Claiming ships created by Explorers Guild 5000
  • Visiting each sector once 2000
  • Asteroids, 1200000 points randomly distributed between asteroids.  Acquired by scanning them. 1000-3000 per asteroid
  • Unlocking items in encyclopaedia, wares, shiptypes, station types. Max. 5000
  • A random sector every few hours gets points when player visits them (maximum of 5 at a time).  2000
  • Finding a Lost Journal Pages 20000
  • Building TOA 500000
  • Discovering a HSAP 2000
  • Activating HSAP 2000