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Entrepreneurs can access this tool from the empire management interface. There they can create plans, save them for later use, adjust them as required, and communicate them to the Construction Service in the form of a build order for remote complex construction. It is important to note that the Complex Planner can only make use of information that is available in the ship's database or encyclopedia, so plans can only include stations that are listed there.


As well as planning for new complexes, you can also expand on existing ones.  Selecting the option to add an existing factory/complex will add them into the stations list to calculate all the products/resources needed.  You cant use the Construction Service to expand an existing complex, they will only built new complexes.  However you can use your own TL, using the Build Command Software MK3.  If you have a TL with Build Command Software MK3 installed, you can build the build complex command available in the ships command console.  This will allow you to build a complex you have previous saved in the complex planner, or allows you to open the complex planner to design and build you complex.  This also allows expanding existing complexes, the TL will move all your existing complexes to their new location then build the new factories before linking them all together to form the new complex.

Neither the Construction Service nor Build Command Software MK3 can apply the upgrade kits when building the complex, as these can only be applied once the factories have started producing, and not on newly built ones.