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Updated for version 4.1020. TODO: Add more order icons


Recall SubordinatesOrders all subordinates to return to and dock at (if possible) the commander 
Supply FleetResupply Ship(s) will resupply their fleetconsumes resources
Get SuppliesResupply Ship(s) will create buy orders for materialscosts the player credits
Repair and ResupplyResupply Ship(s) will resupply and repair their fleetconsumes resources
Restock subordinatesSubordinatesResupply Ship(s) will restock their fleet with consumables (missiles, flares, etc)consumes resources
 Coordinate AttackA more advanced attack command with parameters for ship groupings and agression 


Default Behaviours


PatrolShip(s) will fly around a specified sector in a specified range and attack hostile ships and stations. 
PoliceShip(s) will patrol and scan ships in a specified sector in a specified range and attack ships with illicit goods that refuse to drop them. (When the player uses this command illicit wares are determined from the list under 'Global Orders'. it is best used in a player-controlled sector). 
Protect PositionShip(s) will defend their assigned position in a specified radius. 
Protect ShipShip(s) will follow and defend their assigned ship. 
Protect StationShip(s) will fly near and defend their assigned station.