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  • Finding mods (AKA "extensions")
  • A collection of modding resources (Egosoft and player)
  • How to replace a menu (example: traderestrictions menu)
  • Mission Director Guide
  • Porting pre 3.50 UI mods (example: Enhanced Money Transfer)
  • UI Modding support
    • Getting started guide
    • FFI function overview
    • Lua function overview
    • Further UI modding resources
    • Breaking changes
    • Changelog
  • Widgetsystem function overview

See also: 

  • Egosoft's Technical Engine Development faq / blog (link).

The first item in red primarily provides tips for players, which basically includes everyone. The second item in blue lists Egosoft forum threads, and begins to pull together various tips dotted around the forum. The latter items have been created by Egosoft with the aim of providing help and information to modders.