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Steady Shield Mk1 14000300009004.67
Steady Shield Mk37300005000015003.011
Steady Shield Mk432000006000018002.713
Steady Shield Mk5*73000007000021002.415
Behemoth Shield Mk22200004500010503.99
Behemoth Shield Mk37600006000012003.611
Behemoth Shield Mk434000007500013503.313
Behemoth Shield Mk5*77000009000015003.015
Dashing Shield Mk22400003500013503.39
Dashing Shield Mk38100004000018002.711
Dashing Shield Mk437000004500022502.113
Dashing Shield Mk5*82000005000027001.515


* Available as "<Ancient/Kha'ak> Relic Collection" mission reward; UNIQUE! v4.00b3 still has 2 sets of shields available per craftable BUT THIS MAY CHANGE!

ATM you can After you craft one unique Relic Collection item, then you can buy & and fit two shields. If you change your mind and sell them later you can then use the other item and buy new Mk5 shields; either way YOU WILL NOT get another chance at these shields if the parts needed for crafting are destroyed or sold!

The lockboxes containing the unique parts are indestructible, but the locks & the contents are not!* If other stray shots or stray missiles with AoE hit the locks it's likely that those unique parts will be destroyed, so grab them first while you're in the correct area(s)!

*This is a consequence of the way the current game engine works, so it's not really a 'bug' or a 'design descision', but it does make for interesting gameplay (smile)

Whilst unlikely, it is possible for a component of a Relic Collection to be destroyed before collection (see details here).


Basic Scanner19'0001Basic long-range scanner. 'Pings' are highlighted visually as well as audibly.
Advanced Scanner140'0002Better definition; longer max range.
Police Scanner480'0003This long-range scanner highlights items with different colours & audible 'pings', depending on rarity*.

*Currently the only items highlighted with a specific colour are blue box items; this includes a variety of special drops for the above rares, as well as more common sell/crafting components.
 All other scan returns are white, even with Police scanner.


Slot 1
Economy Analytics  Software Mk11'656'840Provides access to the graph-based economic info that can be obtained via the map for areas, or for individual stations.
Slot 2
Targeting System Extention Mk138'660Activates aim assist, allows targetting ware containers (within range) with Shift+F or PgUp/PgDn <may be buggy still; check range - Snafu>
Targeting System Extention Mk2214'680Allows selecting surface element with Shift+F or Home/End.
Slot 3

Trading Computer Mk1*

480'000Adds all trade offers from <station> when <playership> approaches <station>. These offers will timeout unless player also gains a Trade Agent NPC available only through Smalltalk.Provides the various benefits described here.
Trading Computer Mk221'474'830Allows scheduling of up

Increases to 5 the number of trades that can be scheduled per trade-capable ship.

Trading Computer Mk382'842'000Allows scheduling of up

Increases to 7 the number of trades that can be scheduled per trade-capable ship.

Without trading computer *Without a Trading Computer the Skunk can schedule up to 3 trades per trade-capable capship ship owned.