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  • Travel

    • After a short delay the ship will accelerate to a higher speed enabling long distances of space to be rapidly traversed. While in Travel Mode steering is impaired. Loss of shielding will disable travel mode preventing it from being used to escape combat. Using Boost directly after coming out of Travel Mode can be used for a short burst of extremely high speed.

  • Scan
    • Colour-codes the modules and equipment of stations and ships when close enough. Getting really close to a station module passively obtain information about it. Similarly, getting close to a ship, right-clicking, and initiating an active scan will reveal info about the ship too. The amount of information gained being proportional to the type of scanner equipped (Basic Scanner < Police Scanner < Spacesuit Scanner < upgraded  Spacesuit Scanner). Audio Signals and Data Leaks are highlighted with red and able to be scanned passively.
  • Long Range Scan
    • Enables the ship to charge a pulse to scan for objects in space near the playership. The longer the pulse is charged for the further it travels (200 km max), however charging for too long will cause the pulse to abort. The pulse travels away from the ship within the limits of 45o above and below the horizon as viewed from the cockpit.
    • Size of objects impacts on performance:
      • Very large objects (stations, gates and accelerators) are detected within a 360o radius around the ship
      • Smaller objects can only be detected in a 120o forward-arc forward direction, within the limits of 45o left and right along the horizon (parallel to the wave visual):
        • Blue ping    = wrecks and uncommon lockboxes
        • Yellow ping = explosive asteroids and rare lock boxes
        • Purple ping = anomalies
        • Grey/white  = Other
        • Nebulae have a blue/cyan glow
  • Seta
    • Singularity Engine Time Accelerator - Accelerates the passage of time for everything relative to the player ship by 6-times. Makes long journeys seem shorter, allows for long trades and so on pass more quickly but also speeds up time for your competitors.