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Update 1.50 to X4: Foundations introduces the Venture Feature. The Venture Feature is an optional Online Feature linked to your Egosoft community account.

Please note that this new feature is considered to be in Beta at this time and may be iterated upon laterwith plans for future iterations. In this case the "beta" tag refers to how the Ventures operate online behind the scenes - it isn't a risk to save games in the way that participating in a beta for game updates might be.

Participating players are able to construct a station module that sends ships into the game worlds of other participating players, and of course 'welcome' them into theirs as they see fit.

What are Ventures?

The Venture Feature allows players to order can be turned on or off. When turned on, we can send and receive ships.

The feature enables ordering sub-capital Captains out into the multiverse to explore and interact with whatever they find in the environments of other players. Your Captains will endeavour to travel peacefully but their ships should be prepared for hostility. As catastrophic as some journeys have been in some other realities, all Captains have surprisingly been snapping back to their former reality on expected completion of their mission.


  • Paint Mods
  • Exceptional Equipment Mod Parts
  • Credits
  • EgoCredits, for future use
  • Future: Crew skill training (not implemented yet)
  • Future: EgoCredits

The rewards from Ventures are stored in your online Venture inventory. Something you unlock in one save game can be available in a new game too.

About your ships

What is flying through the multiverse will be your ship. It will have your module selection, your paint mod, your crew, the name you gave it, and even your logo (other players will only be able to see custom logos if they have your logo in the custom logos folder).