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Using the Debug Manager can make the game slow, can break functionality, corrupt savegames and will modify your save games, you are using mark your savegames as modified. You use the Debug Manager enabled EXE entirely at your own risk, and EGOSOFT will provide provides no support for issues caused by using the EXE.


With The Debug Manager you have provides a system of hotkeys to display debug information about objects and game systems in X4 Foundations. There are two levels: Level 1 is selection of the first level allows you to select a Debug Module, Level 2 is selecting the the second to select a Debug Mode within the current Debug Module. A Debug Module usually groups together information about, and manipulation on of, one type of objects object or game system.

Enabling and Navigating Debug Manager

INSERTSwitch between Debug Manager Output + FPS display on, only FPS display on, and no output
Shift F1Select previous Debug Module
Shift F2Select next Debug Module
Shift F3

Select previous Debug Mode within the Module

Shift F4Select next Debug Mode within the Module
` (Grave)Enables/Disables additional debug keys. Some modules use additional keys which are normally assigned to game functions. This key (located usually above the TAB key and labeled different may be labelled differently in other languages) enables these additional keys for the debugging function. This includes using the Function Keys also allows debug Function keys to be used without Shift.

Each Debug Module displays a list of usable keys on top of its debug information. Function keys have to be used together with the Shift key unless additional keys are enabled.