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NameMkRace1Shield Burst DPS (MW)Shield Sustained2 DPS (MW)Armour Burst DPS (MW)

Armour Sustained2 DPS (MW)

Heat Gain (MW)Range (km)Bullet Speed (m/s)Fire Rate (/s)
Beam Emitter3Mk1G807780771,000 MJ + 48 MW4.4N/AN/A
Beam Emitter3Mk2G1571531571531,000 MJ + 29 MW4.4N/AN/A
Bolt RepeaterMk1A+P+T1911501911504344.81,9205.79
Bolt RepeaterMk2A+P+T3742893742894794.81,9204.8
Boson LanceMk1S        
Boson LanceMk2S1,2301,2301,2301,2308,000 MJ7_10,0000.77
Ion BlasterMk1A72954045335704.62,4963.0
Ion BlasterMk2A1,6761,24324185684.62,4962.0

Mass Driver5

Mk1P2282282282288,000 MJ1610,000


Mass Driver5

Mk2P2282282282284,500 MJ1610,0000.29
Muon Charger6Mk1T330284330284863_.81,2570.67
Muon Charger6Mk2T644556644556863_.81,2570.67
Neutron GatlingMk1S2371632371637414.31,7287
Neutron GatlingMk2S4733224733227594.31,72811
Plasma CannonMk1A+P+T4602444602441,4396.59830.25
Plasma CannonMk2A+P+T7974477974471,2786.59830.33
Pulse LaserMk1A+P+T1281171281171625.04,5622.22
Pulse LaserMk2A+P+T2512262512261785.04,5622.93
Shard BatteryMk1G3742173742171953.74,0320.8
Shard BatteryMk2G7304257304252343.74,8381.0
Tau AcceleratorMk1S4142304142304322.93,2662
Tau AcceleratorMk2S8104518104514323.03,9192.5
Thermal Disintegrator4Mk1S135 (+30 hull) 125 (+28 hull)165153120 4.11,9012.14
Thermal Disintegrator4Mk2S279 (+51 hull)236 (+43 hull)3312802974.11,9016.46


NameRaceBurst DPS (MW)Sustained DPS (MW)Heat Gain (MW)Range (km)Bullet Speed (m/s)Fire Rate (/s)
  1. Some weapons are only offered by specific races:
    • A: Argon
    • P: Paranid
    • T: Teladi
    • S: Split
  2. If a weapon has different DPS vs armour and shield (AKA "Layers"), the following assumptions are made:
    1. The Layer that suffers the highest Burst DPS is assumed to suffer the in-game stated Sustained DPS
    2. The Layer that suffers the lowest Burst DPS is assumed to suffer reduced Sustained DPS equal to ratio of Burst DPSs
  3. Beam Emitters generate 1,000 MJ of heat while activating, and then generate relatively few MW to sustain the beam 
  4. When Burst Ray or Thermal Disintegrators hit shields, a proportion of their DPS damages the underlying hull instead.
  5. Mass Drivers generate a large amount of heat per shot, and are unable to fire continuously (thus no MW heat stat)
  6. Muon Charger shots can be increased in power by holding down the fire key for some time before releasing it