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Eleventh Hour?Argon FederationNone
Emperor's Pride IV?XenonNone
Emperor's Pride VI?XenonOre and Silicon
Family Kritt?Zyarth PatriarchyIce, Ore and Silicon
Family Nhuut?Zyarth PatriarchyHelium, Hydrogen, Ice, Methane, Ore and Silicon
Family Tkr?Free FamiliesNone
Family Zhin?Zyarth PatriarchyHelium, Hydrogen, Ice, Methane, Nividium, Ore and Silicon
Fires of DefeatVictory?Free FamiliesNone
Guiding Star VArgon FederationNone
Guiding Star VIIArgon FederationIce
Heart of Acrimony I The Boneyard? Ore and Silicon
Heart of Acrimony II?Free FamiliesHydrogen, Ice, Ore and Silicon
Litany of Fury IX?GodRealm of the ParanidNone
Litany of Fury XII?GodRealm of the ParanidNone
Matrix #598XenonHydrogen, Ice, Ore and Silicon
Open MarketTeladi CompanyNone
Rhy's Defiance?XenonNone
Tharka's Ravine I?IV Tharka's FallXenonHelium, Hydrogen and Methane
Tharka's Ravine VIII?Free FamiliesHelium, Hydrogen, Ice and Methane
Tharka's Ravine XVI?Free FamiliesIce, Ore and Silicon
Tharka's Ravine XXIV?Free FamiliesNone
Thuruk's Demise I First Impact?Free FamiliesNone
Thuruk's Demise III?Free FamiliesNone
Two GrandTeladi CompanyNone
Wretched Skies IV Family Valka?Zyarth PatriarchyNone
Wretched Skies V Family Phi?Zyarth PatriarchyNone
Wretched Skies X?GodRealm of the ParanidIce, Ore and Silicon
Zyarth's Dominion I?Zyarth PatriarchyNone
Zyarth's Dominion IV?Zyarth PatriarchyNone
Zyarth's Dominion X?Zyarth PatriarchyNone