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  • (BUGFIX) In some cases target elements could be missing in 1st-person mode and targets could be untargetable. This has been fixed now. (regression introduced in 3.10 Beta 1)
    Note that these cases differed from the cases fixed in 3.10 Beta 1. In this case the issue occurred for example when standing on a docking bay while a ship docks. That ship would have no working target elements. Technically this issue was related to the fix done to resolve the original target problem in 3.10 Beta 1.
  • (BUGFIX) Certain NPCs were sometimes not reliably targetable when pointing at their bodies. In some cases just sections of the NPC were not targetable while for others it seemed as if the entire NPC could not be targeted. This has been fixed. (this was likely a 3.0 regression).