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If you have different playthroughs depending on different mod setups, you might want to keep them isolated into different profiles which can be switched by hitting a single shortcut.

Warning: This guide uses some knowledge about executable script files if you don't understand it, don't do it.

Step-by-step guide

  •  Backup your Saves, and do it far away from the my Documents folder!(some used commands can and will delete them if you make a mistake or ignore a part of this guide)
  •  Locate the folder where XR saves it's settings and your saves, It should have a long ugly number as name, and would normally be in your personal folder\documents\Egosoft\XRebirth. we call this folder the "settings-folder" in the rest of the guide.

It should have the following content:

save (this is the folder where your saves are, if you haven't made a backup yet do so NOW!)

  •  Create a new empty folder inside the "settings-folder", and copy everything else inside the "settings-folder" into the new folder, you can name it like "my first profile" or "default" or something else, the guide now calls this new folder the "profile-folder".
  •  Run XR and activate any extension and it's updates as well as the workshop itself in the extensions setting and close XR.
  •  Create an empty text document in the "profile-folder" with the following content:

Content for Windows users: (<> means you have to edit this part depending on your local situation)

rmdir "..\save"
del "..\config.xml"
del "..\content.xml"
del "..\debuglog.xml"
del "..\inputmap.xml"
<del "..\inputmap_<n>.xml">                                                       #this line is needed if you have multiple controlsetups remove the <> and insert the correct numbers instead of <n>
del "..\progressbar.xml"
del "..\uidata.xml"
mklink /d "..\save" "%~dp0\save"
mklink "..\config.xml" "%~dp0\config.xml"
mklink "..\content.xml" "%~dp0\content.xml"
mklink "..\debuglog.xml" "%~dp0\debuglog.xml"
mklink "..\inputmap.xml" "%~dp0\inputmap.xml"
<mklink "..\inputmap_<n>.xml" "%~dp0\inputmap_<n>.xml">       #this line is needed if you have multiple controlsetups remove the <> and insert the correct numbers instead of <n>
mklink "..\progressbar.xml" "%~dp0\progressbar.xml"
mklink "..\uidata.xml" "%~dp0\uidata.xml"
start /d "<Path>" XRebirth.exe                                                     #You will insert the installation path of XR instead of <Path> e.g. "C:\Programs\Steam\Steam Apps\Common\X Rebirth" make sure the path is inside this guys: ""


  •  Rename the text document to launchprofile.cmd make sure to change the ending, too, Windows for example will warn about this, so say yes.
  •  create a shortcut to the launchprofile.cmd this way you can launch the game with this profile from your desktop or similar.
  •  open the content.xml in the "profile-folder" and edit this way:

In each extension-node add a sync="something" after the enabled="something" e.g. <extension id="ego_dlc_teladi_outpost" enabled="true" sync="false"></extension>

sync should be false for all non Workshop mods, and have the same value as the enabled setting for workshop mods.
Workshop mods will have their id starting with ws_ followed by a number. e.g. <extension id="ws_250885722" enabled="true" sync="true"></extension>

make sure that the sync is enabled for the content-node: <content sync="true">

This way we will still get updates for mods downloaded at the workshop without having steam changing our content.xml.

  •  You can now launch the profile by hitting the shotcut, if you need additional profiles just copy and modify an old one.



German version: Erstellen isolierter Modkonfigurationen für XR

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