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Comment: Added "Expert Settings" without default key bindings.


Abort / Stop Current task
Fly to... / Take me to...
Fly to... / Hold Position
Fly to... / Fly to my Current Position
Fly to... / Fly to position (selectable x/y axis position in-zone, or can just select a zone, sector or system)
Fly to... / Withdraw from Battle (ship will ceasefire and attempt to boost away)
Gather resources at...
Attack / Patrol Zone
Attack / Attack All Enemies in Zone
Attack / Attack object
Transfer wares... / Through map
Transfer wares... / Through list


"Expert Settings" within General Settings (options without default key bindings)

Command Line
Open Debug Log
Toggle Video Capture
Toggle Cockpit (clears the view for screen shots)
Toggle Text Display 

Joysticks / Controlers

Saitek X52 by gorman2040 (Egosoft forum)