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  • (BUGFIX) Multiple minor issues related to mouse clicks were resolved. Notable situations which were resolved were for example mouse clicks on NPCs already selecting the dialog menu option underneath the mouse cursor with just a single click on the NPC in certain (very specific) situations.
    Technically three different issues were resolved here including cases where mouse state changes were evaluated in the next (instead of the current) frame, inconsistent mouse state evaluation if multiple UI updates were performed in a single frame, and inconsistent handling of mouse clicks on either mouse down or mouse up events.

Developer notes for changes in 3.30 (Beta 3





  • (BUGFIX) UI animations could appear laggy or as if they were animated at low FPS. This was quite notable with the loading circle on the loading screen or the gameover animation but affected any kind of UI animation. This was fixed now.
  • (BUGFIX) The text displayed when you are in external view could fail to display the proper key to press to return to normal view in very specific cases (only possible to trigger, if the input mapping was changed by the user).