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Ice MeltThe global temperature has risen enough to melt the ice in the equatorial regions. The released water vapour has had a significant effect on atmospheric pressure
Global WarmingThe greenhouse gases in the atmosphere have trapped enough heat to significantly increase the global temperature

Sensors are detecting an impending seismic event. Completed facilities have been hardened and will only suffer minor damage, but any ongoing construction is still vulnerable and likely to experience a setback


Any project currently active will potentially lose resources when the quake timer hit 0. It is either suggested to stock all resources for a project and have enough ship wharves in the HQ to build and land all drones before the timer hit 0.

You can also abort the project and make sure all your drones are landed before the timer hit 0. In version 4.00 HF3, there was no loss experienced for an aborted project. You can resume the project after the quake and continue with your current progress.