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titleSpoilers ahead

This page contains spoilers about an upcoming game mechanic


This page contains information for a game mechanic not yet fully implemented and is subject to change before 4.0 release

Prerequisites for Terraforming


Planets That Can Be Terraformed

18 Billion18 Billion18 Billion c Nividium Market
Atiya's MisfortuneAtiya's Misfortune I/IIIAtiya's Misfortune eImpossible 
Black Hole SunBlack Hole Sun III/IVHades  
Frontier EdgeFrontier EdgeMessner 
<Coming in CoH><Coming in CoH>Sutton 
Antigone Expansion
Getsu FuneGetsu FuneShiokaze Antigone Expansion
Memory of ProfitMemory of Profit IXMemory of Profit i I  
Scale Plate GreenScale Plate Green I/VIINature's Profit  
Tharka's CascadeTharka's Cascade XV/XVII   
<Coming in CoH><Coming in CoH>Terranova 

Note: Tharka's Cascade terraforming although mentioned in game files is not yet implemented.

Standard Terraforming Projects