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X3: Farnham's Legacy will be released on May 4th, 2021.

Pre-Release FAQ 

"The relationship [of X3FL to X3AP] is similar to that between X3AP and X3TC." [CBJ] Savegames are not compatible. [Steam] "The main story plots from X3TC and X3AP are indeed the main things that are not in X3FL." [CBJ] "The sector count is comparable to AP." [Cycrow]

"After the initial phase, the game opens up to the 'normal' sanbox with all its glory and several additions." [Ketraar]  "There are several Sandbox starts that unlock once you got exposed to some of the new tools." [Ketraar]

"There will be a new set of steam achievements." [Cycrow] "You can achieve them in separate play throughs too." [Cycrow] "The [mod] script engine has been expanded significantly, and has access to many more things that the previous games did not." [Cycrow]

The initial release will be for Windows through Steam, but non-Steam [CBJ] and Linux [CBJ] releases may follow thereafter.