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Governing Faction: Teladi Company

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Encyclopedia Entry

The Teladi species' long lifespan and previous experience of being cut off from their homeworld allowed them a uniquely sedate perspective on the Jump Gate shutdown. Nevertheless, being denied access to other systems for trading purposes, and the resulting lack of profits, weighed heavily on their collective psyche. Long before the shutdown, the Teladi Company's board of directors drafted a comprehensive dossier of business rules to act as a guide to the Chairmen supervising their systems. These business rules covered, among other things, how to conduct business in case of such a disruptive contingency. Following these guidelines, the Company was able to scale down business to meet demand and minimise loss by making redundancies. Some of the Teladi workforce who found themselves jobless as a result, would eventually join the ranks of the Scale Plate Pact.

Resource values

OreLow/Very low
SiliconLow/Very low

Resource Layout

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Notable Stations


Inter-Sector Connections

Inter-System Connections


Grand Exchange III is probably one of the most dense for trading activity in the entire gate network with scores of Teladi and Argon Trading vessels swarming the main trading station.

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