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Governing Faction: Lawless

Map Coordinates: 0,4

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Encyclopedia Entry

Precious few entrepreneurs are daring enough to venture this far out from civilised society, knowing well what manner of hostilities they are likely to encounter. This place is home only to the most hardened of them, looking to turn a profit in the absence of law or regulated competition. To survive here, among the cutthroats and the wreckage they leave in their wake, means bearing witness to the deafening silence that turns honest men cruel.

Resource values

Raw Scrap 

Resource Layout

Notable Stations


  • Sector-wide - minefield (friend/foe mines, these are actually quite harmless unless hit by a stray weapon)
  • Sector-wide Xenon debris field (low density of extra large Xenon vessel components)

Inter-Sector Connections


The most remote sector of the system, Silent Witness XII offers very little in comparison to its more appealing neighbours except in terms of salvage where the whole sector is littered with dispersed Xenon wrecks. Claiming the sector does not remove or negate the effects of the mines. The mines are harmless except when fired upon which detonates one and arms others (this is unlikely, however, because the sector can't be claimed by non-player factions so conflict is also similarly irregular). Bumping into the mines or flying past them won't arm or detonate them.