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Governing Faction: Xenon

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Home to the corporate sector of the Teladi Company's business in Scale Plate Green, this sector was perhaps the least prepared for the Xenon incursion that hit the system so hard.

With most of the Teladi and Argon forces already struggling to maintain their defence in Scale Plate Green I, and the Split refusing to send more aid after their contingent was annihilated in the second wave of attacks, many of the stations were destroyed before the people on them knew what hit them, and civilian ships in the area had no choice but to flee or be eliminated as well.

Resource values


Notable Stations


  • Data Vault

Inter-Sector Connections

Inter-System Connections


There is very little to see or do in this sector, Xenon presence is limited except for the fleet that patrols the sector and there are no resources whatsoever. The principle motivations to enter this sector are to  either destroy the Xenon or to unlock the data vault. The latter can be a chore when the Xenon Fleet hovers around the vault.