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Map typeZonesSectorsSystemsGalaxy structure

Mined resources

Map spoiler risk
Wiki map of sectorsNoYesYesClearNoModerate (zone conections excluded)

Seizewell map of everything, by Drow

YesYesYesInterpretable but complexYes (colour-coded)High (amazing detail)
HoL DLC maps, by spankahontisYes (screenshots)Yes (screenshots)NoNoNoModerate (Zones shown but only 1 sector at a time)
Colour blindness-friendly list of mined resoucesResources are listed per zonen/an/an/aYesLow (system conections and hostile zones are shown).
Map of everything by Jeltz Prostetnic (visio, png)YesYesYesYesYes (colour-coded)High, includes transcend addon

X Rebirth Interactive Map (XRIM)