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Comment: Moved Mistral Super Freighter over to TS as it doesn't belong in the TS+ category due to lack of sheilding and Weaponry


Heavy Small Transports. Trade ships with increased firepower, shielding and cavernous cargo holds in exchange for reduced speed and a larger price tag.


Stats Overview


NameRaceMax Speed (m/s)*Max Acceleration*Max Steering (rpm)*HullMax Shield (MJ)Shield Power Generator (MW)Lasers and Turrets**Laser Energy (MJ)Laser Energy Reload Rate (MW)Max CargobayWare Transport ClassHangarPriceAvailability***
DrakeSplit933658,8001 x 200MJ1,0500,0,2,2,0,0,12,3502512,850XL01,133,300Available for purchase
HayabusaTerran87.164.163,0002 x 200MJ1,3000,0,0,0,2,2,12,2502014,300XL01,450,150Available for purchase
LotanArgon65.93458,0001 x 200MJ3,8000,0,2,2,0,0,12,40065.515,500XL03,002,100Available for purchase
Mistral Super FreighterArgon7896.560,0006 x 25MJ6000,2,0,0,2,0,08508.515,000XL0928,000Available for purchase
SnotraParanid837655,5001 x 200MJ1,1500,0,2,2,0,0,22,0001413,850XL0996,650Available for purchase
SturgeonBoron642666,9001 x 200MJ1,2500,0,1,1,0,0,21,4001316,500XL01,273,300Available for purchase
TernTeladi612676,8002 x 200MJ9500,0,0,0,2,2,11,7001415,775XL01,180,000Available for purchase

* = Maximum able to be obtained by purchased tunings.   These values can be exceeded by using Pandora Tunings.

** = Number of available laser slots in the Main, Front, Left, Right, Up, Down, Back batteries

*** = Ships with data existing in the vanilla game files are listed but some are not available during play without mods or scripts

Functions and applications

The TS+ heavy small transports have increased shielding and fire power compared to TS ships giving them significantly increased durability against hostiles but in exchange for a considerably higher cost.   TS+ ships generate enough threat that pirate fighters will tend to avoid them while the shielding and turrets are capable of destroying any fighters foolish enough to attack (although large squadrons will force a TS+ to perform an evasive jump).   The corvette level shielding on the Tern and Hayabusa mean that only capital ships have a chance to destroy them before the autopilot can jump to safety (assuming the player adjusts the evasive jump shield threshold correctly).   All TS+ ships have large cargobays however, the autopilot hardly ever uses more than 8000 for wares other than Energy Cells.   As the cost of Cargobay Extensions is incremental, the player may prefer not to fully upgrade the cargobay to reduce the time taken for TS+ ships working as UTs or CAGs to make a return on the investment.   With self sufficient complexes producing wares that have a low storage quantity in the producing station and the player might want to hoard for high but sporadic use (like Lasertowers, and missiles), a TS+ or two docked at the Complex Hub using CLS can be used for storage and ordered to jump to deliver the wares when needed (also useful for manually selling wares to Equipment Docks that do not normally buy the ware).