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Also particular to the Vive Controller is the fact that the two triggers each have two functions.  Depressing the triggers without pushing them all the way down, referred to in this manual as “Hair Trigger”, controls throttle (Left Hair Trigger) and the firing of your guns (Right Hair Trigger).  Pushing the triggers all the way down, referred to in this manual as “Trigger Button”, is a different control.  By default, the Left Trigger Button activates Boost.

Note on Joysticks:

In addition to the default input profile for joysticks, XRVR now also has default profiles for the Saitek X52 stick and the Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog stick and throttle.  When loading these default profiles for joysticks, make sure that your devices are enabled:

  1. From the starting menu, select "Settings", then "Controls".
  2. Select and activate "Manage Controllers/Joysticks".

This will open a menu listing the devices that are active.  If your joystick is a single device, make sure that it is the first entry in the list.  If it is two devices, such as a stick and a throttle, make sure that the first entry is the stick, and that the second entry is the throttle.

To load a default joystick profile, or reset your profile to default, scroll to the bottom of the Controls menu, select and activate Load Profile, and load the default profile of your choice.

Switching between controllers and in or out of VR on the fly