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In X4 Foundations there are different starting scenarios (or game starts) to choose from. These not only influence your name, gender, race or starting equipment but also your initial standing with the different Factions of the game.

Table of Contents

X4: Foundations starting scenarios


StartRaceNameStart LocationPlayer ShipEquipmentCashOther Owned PropertyUnlock Conditions
Terran CadetTerran (TER)Raibu HarikenMarsKukri

3x  S TER Pulse Laser Mk1

1x S TER All-round Engine Mk1

S TER All-round Thrusters Mk1

1x S TER Shield Mk2

Basic Scanner

Long-range scanner Mk1

Project GenesisTerran (PIO)Najia TakioBrennan's TriumphRapier 5,000--



Starting Scenarios and Plots Flowchart

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