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Note: This description is a placeholder sourced from which is the mirror 
version of the now defunct X3Wiki. Updating this page is advised once egosoft writes an encyclopedia description for
the Teladi in X4

A reptilian people with a militant capitalist culture, the Teladi are wily and a major threat to the pockets of anyone who they deal with but generally harmless militarily. A female-dominated culture, male Teladi do not leave the homeworld. The Teladi government is known as the Teladi Company and its primary function is to protect the profits of Teladi across the X-Universe. They maintain a neutral stance towards all the other races, with the exception of the Xenon and the Kha'ak, who both are naturally inclined towards hostility to every other race.

Short Name: TEL

Moniker(s): The Company

Race Description

The lizard-like Teladi are one of the founding members of the Community of Planets and have a natural affinity towards business and the accumulation of profit. They enjoy favourable relations with other races although some find their drive for profit disconcerting. Their long lifespan gives them a unique view of the Jump Gate shutdown, as does their previous experience being cut off from their home system of Ianamus Zura.

Faction Description

The Teladi Company took to space travel relatively recently, at least compared to other factions. Everything they do is driven by their overriding imperative to turn a profit. They expand their reach in the hopes of coming across potential new trading partners and novel, exciting technologies they can sell. As the name implies, their organisation is structured like a company, with a CEO in the leadership position, surrounded by a board of directors. The Company's internal divisions are governed by Chairmen, who are given a lot of room to manoeuvre, as long as their policies increase the bottom line. As a result of this outlook, it is not uncommon for Chairmen to be in league with pirates and smugglers.


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