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Player Ranks

RankText IDTradeText IDFight
1 1001Salesman 2001Harmless
2 1001Advanced Salesman 2011Rookie
3 1011Petty Vendor 2021Skilled
4 1021Trader 2031Enlisted
5 1031Advanced Trader 2041Private
6 1041Dealer 2051Sergeant
7 1051Advanced Dealer 2061Lieutenant 2nd Grade
8 1061Merchant 2071Lieutenant 1st Grade
9 1071Advanced Merchant 2081Instructor
10 1081Professional Merchant 2091Senior Instructor
11 1091Privateer 2101Captain
12 1101Advanced Privateer 2111Veteran Captain
13 1121Professional Privateer 2121Marksman
14 1131Industrialist 2131Sniper
15 1141Advanced Industrialist 2141Commander
16 1151Professional Industrialist 2151Lieutenant Colonel
17 1161Entrepreneur* 2161Colonel*
18 1171Advanced Entrepreneur 2171Commodore
19 1181Professional Entrepreneur 2181Vice Admiral
20 1191Mogul 2191Admiral
21 1201Advanced Mogul 2201Ace 3rd Grade
22 1211Professional Mogul 2211Ace 2nd Grade
23 1221Magnate 2221Ace 1st Grade
24 1231Shipping Magnate 2231Combat Ace 3rd Grade
25 1241Advanced Magnate 2241Combat Ace 2nd Grade
26 1251Professional Magnate 2251Combat Ace 1st Grade
27 1261Ultimate Magnate 2261Ace of Aces 3rd Grade
28 1271Tycoon 2271Ace of Aces 2nd Grade
29 1281Shipping Tycoon 2281Ace of Aces 1st Grade
30 1291Pan-Galactic Tycoon 2291Supreme Veteran
31 1301X-Treme* 2301X-Treme*

*Achievement Rank