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The Spacesuit

Table of Contents

When the player steps out into the vast reaches of space in only a Spacesuit they are comparatively slow, clumsy and vulnerable, but are able to perform actions that no ship could. Use the Spacesuit to patch up damage from combat, sabotage competitors or gain intelligence. To help you get around, you will be sitting in an EVA chair equipped with thrusters.

Tools and Weapons

The Spacesuit may be equipped with a variety of tools. They are sold by Item Traders on each station , and they are individually selected between just like ship weapons weapon groups (Hotkeys 1-4).

  • Repair Laser (available on all spacesuits):
    • A tool used for slowly repairing hull damage for free at up to 25m range. It's a fixed amount of repair per tick, so tougher hulls will take a looong time to repair this way!
  • Hand Laser:
    • A weak beam weapon that can be used for shooting locks and surface components.
  • Bomb Launcher:
    • Launches magnetic explosive and surface-element-disrupting EMP bombs. Projectiles are consumable and need to be crafted in player's inventory. Spacesuit Bombs are remotely detonated by selecting the attached bomb and selecting the Detonate order by right clicking to deal heavy damage in an area around the bomb - which can harm the player if used at close range! The detonation point of the Spacesuit EMP also creates several small data leaks, which can be scanned  


  • Spacesuit Scanner:
    • The Spacesuit scanner is capable of performing the deepest scans of ships and station modules to gain full information of the scanned object. Scanning a Data Leak with the Spacesuit Scanner also has a higher chance to obtain Blueprints, and level 2 Data Leaks can only be scanned this way.

Getting Back To The Ship

  • You can pilot your Spacesuit back into your ship by requesting docking permission, which opens the hatch you manoeuver into. Entering the hatch will move the player to the Transporter Room of the ship.

Oxygen levels

The Spacesuit has a finite amount of oxygen supply. A bar under the crosshair shows the remaining oxygen. After 25 minutes, it will become harder to breathe as indicated by changing (increasing frequency) breathing sounds. The oxygen bar will also turn red. If the player has not returned to a ship or teleported to a station within 30 minutes of going EVA, they will die.