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If you want to participate in the public beta test there are a couple of important things to note:

  1. In general we do not suggest users to participate in the public beta test, but rather stick with the more stable release versions. If you want to help us test a new version or are heavily impacted by an issue which is known to having been resolved in a beta version, using the public beta is however an option to consider.
  2. While we try to preserve savegame compatibility during public beta tests, there might be situations where some issue slips by and/or it's unfeasible for us to preserve savegame compatibility. You'd always backup your savegames before participating on a beta test and solely use the savegames during the beta test. It's up to your own risk to later-on take over the savegame to the release version. Again: (warning) There is the risk for you to run into issues with that save which you wouldn't have if you had only used release versions of the game! (warning)
  3. You CANNOT load a savegame done with a beta version in an earlier version of the game. In other words: If you make a savegame with the 1.50 Beta test version and switch back to the non-beta version, that savegame won't work with the previous release version (you won't be able to load it).
  4. While we are looking for reports about new issues during the public beta test, our customer support won't usually be able to help you with issues you run into while participating in the beta test. You'd still report issues in the beta test forum where the beta team and other participants might provide you with support however.
  5. Please familiarize yourself with the further rules and details pointed out in this forum post and check this post for updated details which might be more recent than the instructions provided here.