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Split Fight fight with Honourhonour! The following page contains information relating to the Split Vendetta DLC



Patriarch Zyarth has always been a hardened warrior. He served under patriarch Rhonkar before the Gates shut down, but due to his system's close proximity to Xenon space, he learnt how to be self-sufficient. This familiarity with self-reliance would become his biggest asset when, as the larger Split empire disconnected, he rose to power, unifying the neighbouring Patriarchs under him. When the Gates reconnected, the Zyarth Patriarchy emerged as the clear victor. Many long-established Patriarchs had died during those tumultuous times. While many families in close proximity came under Zyarth, other families seized the same opportunity to declare their independence from the former Patriarch Rhonkar. Now the ambitious Zyarth seeks to unify all split, even the Free Families, under his banner.





Zyarth Patriarchy Police Dragon