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titleSplit Vendetta Info

Image RemovedImage AddedSplit fight with honour! The following page contains information relating to the Split Vendetta DLC


In-Game Description

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The Fallen Families are a corrupt, loosely aligned, collective of dissenting Split families that having been shunned by both the Zyarth Patriarchy and Free Families now actively commit regular and destructive acts or piracy against anyone unfortunate enough to cross their path.





The Fallen Families do not start with and can never gain sectors. This is a product of the factions lack of an economy and its inability to build any infrastructure.


The Fallen Families operate pirate ships often disguised as other factions much Scale Plate Pact. The most common ships the Fallen Families operate are Dragon Raiders and Rattlesnakes. These ships are easy to spot in visual range due to their distinctive geometric paintjob pattern.


Fallen Families Rattlesnake in its distinctive paint job