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欢迎来到X4 Wiki!(每个人都可以编辑)


title欢迎来到X4 Wiki.



You can modify existing content or create new one. Please note that removing pages is not possible. If you think that a page should be removed, please add the page to the list on the Page Deletion Requests page.

Some initial information about how to post your own content in this wiki can be found here and there's a testground set-up you can freely use without fear to break anything.

If you want to discuss the Wiki, have questions or suggestions, please use the threads set up in the Egosoft forums: support thread.


Please note that while you can use the wiki without having to login, there is no way for users to login. Login is restricted to Egosoft employees and moderators.

Unfortunately, it's outside our capabilities to provide accounts to all our players, since the software running the wiki doesn't provide a suitable license at the moment.

Each wiki page has a "Comment" box for short-term communication (e.g. to query something, or request a little more info). For discussion of a more detailed/permanent nature, the Egosoft forum should be used. Wiki comments will occasionally be move to the Comment archive to keep things tidy and focus content-sharing on page creation/updating.

对于那些翻译维基手册的人,你可以在这里找到“如何去做”的指南  "How to do".




在制作过程中,大量的开发者直播被用来更新粉丝们的进度和特性。这些直播的录像和其他X4相关的视频可以在Egosoft Youtube频道上观看。