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The Low Frequency Locator (LFL) , is a prototype device , used to scan a ship's surroundings for very low frequency signal emissions. It is able to detect these signals at extremely long range, but this does affect its accuracy. When enabled, the ship's HUD will show a pointer that approximately indicates the signal's direction of origin. It is an a useful tool to help find items that may be scattered around the galaxy, such as derelict ships or floating crates containing wares. Most importantly, however, it is the only means to identify a Hyperspeed Access Point (HSAP). An HSAP may, in turn, provide access to parts of systems that are otherwise inaccessible; these areas are colloquially referred to as Remote System Locations (RSL). The LFL can lead to lucrative discoveries; not only by locating objects, but also for the Discovery Point values those locations represent, which can be turned in at the Explorers Guild for valuable rewards.


The LFL will pick anything sector wide, then once <playership> reaches <20km range the middle bar is filled, and at 5km <5km range it will fill the top level. Once closer than 1500m, the discovery triggers and the object is considered discovered. Discovery points are then rewarded and added to the total and current pool.