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Pilots who venture out to explore the systems that make up the galaxy , usually find their efforts well rewarded. Aside from the satisfaction of the discovery itself, there is the opportunity to earn more tangible rewards. Discovery Points will be are granted for activities such as: visiting new systems, scanning asteroids, and using the Low Frequency Locator to discover Remote Systems Locations, floating crates or derelict ships. The rarer the findings, the more points are granted.


  • Crates created by Explorers Guild 5000
  • Claiming ships created by Explorers Guild 5000
  • Visiting each sector once 2000
  • Asteroids, 1200000 points randomly distributed between asteroids.  Acquired by manually scanning them. 1000-3000 per asteroid
  • Unlocking items in encyclopaedia, wares, shiptypes, station types. Max. 5000 per type
  • A random sector every few hours gets points when player visits them (maximum of 5 at a time).  2000
  • Finding a Lost Journal Pages 20000
  • Building TOA 500000
  • Discovering a HSAP 2000
  • Activating HSAP 2000
  • Discoveries, these are found in crates around the universe and will credit your account with 10000 points
  • Special Discoveries, these are found in crates, and require you to take them to the Explorers Guild Representative, they will credit 250000 points when turned in

For any collectable item in space like crates or ships will display the amount of discovery points you will gain in the objects context menu.  These points are credited when you collect or claim the object.