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Governing Faction: Lawless

Map Coordinates: -5,3

Encyclopedia Entry

Originally discovered and claimed by the Paranid, Heretic’s End became one of the most famous systems in the Jump Gate network after the building and activation of the Earth Gate and the massive battle between the Kha'ak and combined Terran and Commonwealth forces. While Sol remained connected to the Jump Gate network, Heretic’s End remained under heavy Terran protection, but when it became obvious that Jump Gates were failing too quickly for the connection to possibly remain stable, the system was swiftly abandoned, fading back into obscurity. Now, it serves as a backwater colony that holds only interest to pirates and smugglers.

Resource values


Resource Layout

Notable Stations


  • Data Vault

Inter-System Connections


Devoid of activity in the base game and only home limited activity with the Split Vendetta DLC this sector like Nopileos Fortune and Silent Witness XI is optimal for staking a claim without offending a faction or being in close proximity to the Xenon.