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Governing Faction: Xenon

Map Coordinates: N/A

Encyclopedia Entry

The uncovered passages of She t'Tharka tell that it was in this sector that the Split ships - mostly civilian transporters and supply ships - desperately attempting to flee 'The Fade' were systematically cut down, destroyed one by one until none remained. It is unknown if any of the Split, including She, survived, as her final passages have not yet been found.

Despite the dangers this sector presents, with permanent electro-magnetic nebulae that cripple ship shields, the Xenon defend this sector with an almost fervent vigour, with entire fleets often defending both the Jump Gate and the superhighway to Tharka's Cascade XVII.

Resource values


Resource Layout

Notable Stations


  • Debris field
  • Monodirectional local highway
  • Sector-wide hazardous region (shield damage only)
  • Special Xenon stations

Inter-Sector Connections

Inter-System Connections


A far weaker hazardous region than The Void's is present throughout the entirety of this sector and only incurs shield damage. This means that S and M ships with shield recharge delays will lose their shields entirely after some time but L and XL ships will only have their recharge rate effectively diminished making them more vulnerable but have their hull still protected.

The sector is one of the busiest Xenon sectors with the addition of the split vendetta DLC with an abundance of traders transiting the sector to reach trading hubs like Hatikvah's Choice I either side of the sector.

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