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Along with all the main new features, alot of little changes have also been made to the game.


Below is a brief list of many of those changes.

Improved Ship Commands/Navigation

  • Added global blacklist to prevent your ships from entering sectors
  • All ship commands give feedback if their route is blocked by blacklist
  • Many ship command menus have been improved
  • Buy/Sell ware commands interface improved (plus added waiting until full cargo)
  • Buy/Sell ware for best price improved, ships will no longer goto the same stations (included coordination with other player ships, ie Trade MK3 and Station Managed ships)
  • Ship commands now display more and better information about what they are currently doing, IE in your Property Owned Menu
  • Fetch and Deliver commands, these simple commands allow easily moving goods between your own stations instead of relaying on the Buy/Sell commands
  • Trade Distribution command is a more complex command for moving goods between your stations and ships

User Interface improvements

  • New search function in various menus
    • Hotkeys are assigned in the controls menu.
    • Hotkeys are then used to filter the menus.
    • A search button is also available in the top bar
    • Includes: Property Owned, Player Logbook, Sector list, Encyclopedia, Shipyard trade list + more
  • SETA will continue to work while navigating menus (can be disabled in gameplay options)
  • Mission icon filters added (allowing you to choose what mission types are displayed)
  • Mission icon priority adjusted (depending on ship class you are in)
  • Improvements for Triple monitor (moving radar, weapons and monitors to center screen)
  • Added docking information for ships and stations.  Splitting up the docking per port/type and including incoming ships
  • Added clickable hyperlinks to link to other menus (mainly used for encyclopedia pages)
  • Improved sorting in various menus
  • Increased size of some additional menus (most menus will now increase their height based on screen size)

  • Property Owned Menu Enhancements
    • Favorites Tab added, allowing you to assign any ships/stations to favorites and view in a separate tab
    • Stationary Tab added, splits the stationary objects, satellites, defense towers, beacons, etc, into a separate tab
    • Additional filters added to options, ie laser towers, player ship, etc
    • Profiles, allows you to save the current filter settings to a profile that you can then switch between.
    • The ship grouping have been split to group and sort options, to allow different sorting methods in each of the groupings
    • Additional Groupings added
    • Group/Sort options added to stations
    • Hide from property menu option added to stations
    • Custom Groupings, allows you to put ships/stations into custom groups you can define
    • Search feature, for filtering the list by a search string
    • Collapsible Groupings, allows you to collapse the individual groups, hiding any of the ships/stations
    • Added grouping of docked ships to carriers

  • Shipyard Trade Menu Enhancements
    • Search added
    • Ships/stations separated into class groups
    • Class groups have been sorted alphabetically
    • S/M/L availability adjusted per ship (so some ships may have L while others may just have S)

  • Player Status Menu Enhancements
    • Race Notoriety display improved, with visual representation of rank
    • Police Licence display replaced with Icon
    • Added change indicator, displaying which ranks have changed since last viewed

  • Galaxy Map Enhancements
    • Adjusted Population display of planets
    • Display race rank with currently owner
    • Added docking rights (weather you can dock at the stations or not)
    • Added Facilities available (equipment/trade/shipyard/pirate base)
    • Added Supply and Demand wares (which wares are produced, which are required)
    • Improved Planets/Moon counts

  • Sector Map Enhancements
    • Added Search Filter
    • Added Additional tab, split the asteroids/gates/etc to an other tab
    • Added separators between various ship/station types

  • Encyclopedia Enhancements
    • Added Search Filter
    • Moved race owned pirate ships to pirates group (ie pirate versions of Argon/Teladi ships)
    • Added Additional production information to stations
    • Added production information on ware pages
    • Added Interlinks between encyclopedia pages
    • Added hyperlinks to objects from encyclopedia (ie pages showing stations that sell a ware)
    • Added Ware quantity display at stations (when you have a satellite in sector)
    • Added ship commands to ware pages (what commands need that ware)
    • Various other menus can now link directly to Encyclopedia pages using info hotkey
    • Added additional information about bullets and behaviors
    • Added additional information for lasers (DPS, OOS Damage)
    • Added Friend/Foe lists in Race pages

  • Best Buys/Best Sells
    • Now correctly highlights wares when viewed via Advanced satellite
    • Added selection in best sells to display all wares in sector (not just in your ship)
    • Added Merchants (Barter) and blackmarket goods
    • Added option to extend the range to include multiple sectors with Satellites

  • Trade Menu Enhancements
    • Added icon to display what weapons/shields can be equipped on your ship
    • Added display to show what wares are currently equipment
    • Added Notoriety graphical display, to easily compare the ranks
    • Added additional information if items cant be bought/sold

Improved piracy gameplay

  • Cargobay hacking.
  • Blackmarket, allowing you to buy illegal wares and weapons/equipment usually restricted to race notoriety
  • Race ranks for pirates and Yaki.
  • Working Cargobay Shielding to protect against police scans
  • Pirate Shipyards and Equipment docks
  • Purchasable pirate ships and stations
  • More economy for pirates, they now have more factories to produce wares and can even build more with thier own Supply TL's

Improved Station Building and Complexes

  • Better feedback for placing stations
  • Change to how complexes are built, allowing multiple stations to linked at the same time
  • Allowing easy adding of stations to existing compelxes
  • Allowing easy removal of stations from complex, without breaking the existing complex
  • Stations can have their production upgraded to XXL
  • New ship commands for moving goods between player owned stations (deliver and fetch)
  • Trade distribution command for moving wares around multiple stations
  • Station Manager, automatically manages all assigned ships to buy/sell wares for factories/complex
  • Control over your stations serial code, alpha, beta, etc
  • Docks/Headquarters have control over each ware (Buy, Sell, Trade, Storage)


Boarding Improvements

  • Marines will now use the Advanced spacesuit when boarding (faster + shielded)
  • Spacewalking marines better connect to hull when boarding, no more bouncing around.
  • Order of marines that die is now predetermined at beginning
  • Hacking defense is now predetermined at beginning
  • HQ (and docks) can now store marines
  • Marine price adjusted to better reflect their training
  • Freight exchange now prevents moving Cargo life support when marines are onboard (prevents killing them)
  • Marine training barracks is available to the player to train their own marines
  • Terran Marines and training barracks are available
  • Modding:
    • Various boarding values can be changed dynamically via scripts
    • Additional stats/skills can be added to marines
    • Training time/cost can be adjusted
    • Script commands available for control marine training
    • Script commands available for better moving marines between ships/stations

New or Improved Hotkeys

  • Enemy targeting hotkeys updated to include separate hotkeys for missiles and ships
  • Target nearest missile hotkey added
  • Counter Missile hotkey, for launching counter missiles are incoming missiles (without needing to select missile type, or switch target to incoming missile)
  • Search hotkey, to open search bar in various menus
  • Compare hotkey, to add ships to compare against each other at the shipyards
  • Boarding Hotkey, for launching your marines at your target
  • Missile Barrage hotkeys, for firing of barrage from your Missile Frigate
  • Select Profile hotkey, to quickly switch between profiles in your property owned menu
  • Various menu hotkeys added for opening each menu

Minor Fixes/Improvements

  • Drones are launched from docking bays if ships have them (instead of just appearing in space)
  • SETA now effects the jump time when ordering ships to jump
  • Your spacesuit comes preinstalled with SETA
  • Added ability to un-deploy wares like laser towers/satellites for easy retrieval

New Upgrades

  • Jumpdrive Installation Kits, these can be carried in bulk and install a Jumpdrive and Navigation Command Software MK1 to a ship.
  • Single-Use Jump Beacon, Cheaper jump beacons that are temporary, they only last a short time, and cant be collected
  • Mining Command Software, adds automated mining and trading commands to you ship
  • Piracy Command Software, this software is used to automate plundering of ships
  • Build Command Software MK1, allows you to connect complexes together
  • Build Command Software MK2, allows you to repack and move existing stations
  • Build Command Software MK3, allows automated building of complexes
  • Missile Defence System, for automatic launching of counter missiles

Graphs and Reports

  • Trade report on all ships/stations added.  Records all trade transactions
  • Global Trade reports displays all wares bought and sold by ship/station
  • Empire Trade Report, displays all wares bought and sold across your empire (including your trades)
  • Account Transaction Report, displays all money transactions where money goes into or out of your main account
  • Station Transaction Report, displays all money transactions where money goes into or out of your station account
  • Net Worth, menu details your current net worth, including a break down of each category (ships, stations, wares, etc)
  • Added Net Worth graph, show you whole net worth over time
  • Added Station net worth, shows the total net worth of a station over time (including wares on ships)
  • Added Station Profitability, shows the profit made per hour of your station
  • Added Station Compare graphs, allows you to select multiple stations and compare their net worth and profitability


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