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Reunion! The following page contains information relating to content from the Cradle of Humanity DLC


Governing Faction: Terran Protectorate

Map Coordinates: -12,-3


Encyclopedia Entry

This gas giant was named for the Roman god of the sea, in part at least because of its stunning azure colour. Its shimmering surface has enticed many Terran tourists to visit and take in the sights for themselves.

As the planet furthest removed from Sol, its orbit marks the threshold of the vast and relatively uninhabited emptiness of the Kuiper Belt. Its remote location was also the reason why Neptune was chosen as the location for the third gate to be created by Terran engineers. Its intended function was to re-establish contact with Terran colonies outside the Sol system, in an attempt to maintain some influence over Commonwealth politics.

As a result of hosting this additional gate, the sector also came to serve as the logical point of origin for the Pioneer Initiative, which was sent out to further develop Brennan's Triumph and the outer rim of Sol, and which would eventually evolve into the Segaris Pioneers.

Resource values

Sunlight Negligible

Resource Layout

Notable Stations


Inter-Sector Connections

Inter-System Connections


Neptune marks Sol's second gateway to the Jumpgate Network and is connected to Brennan's Triumph. As such it is a major trading hub with the Segaris Pioneers and contains a mix of Terran and Segarian stations. Oddly enough the entirety of the Neptune sector is a gas resource region much like Titan despite appearing as empty space from a visibility perspective.

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