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X Rebirth 1.1x patch notes (credit to for recording them)

1.12 (Nov 15th 2013)

  • Added error message boxes at game start for certain critical errors.
  • Fixed crash at start-up involving sample frequency.
  • Fixed several in-game crashes.
  • Fixed German voice recordings including missing and incorrect lines.

v1.13 (Nov 18th 2013)

  • Fixed player occasionally being sent 1000s of km into space on leaving superhighway.
  • Fixed some invalid (but harmless) values in some savegames.
  • Fixed some causes of ship traders getting stuck (more to come on this).

v1.14 (Nov 19th 2013)

  • Fixed crash when starting game caused by attached joystick.
  • Fixed several causes of crashes in-game.
  • Fixed boarding failure feedback.
  • Fixed problem with gate not activating.
  • Fixed UI issues with buttons being active where they shouldn't.
  • Fixed ware categories not being expanded in trade offers.
  • Fixed problem with secondary weapon panel not being visible sometimes.
  • Fixed problem with player engineers on board capital ships and stations.
  • Fixed issues with ship traders not accepting orders.

v1.15 (Nov 20th 2013)

  • Fixed a number of crashes during start-up and in-game.
  • Fixed crash when docking at certain capital ships.
  • Fixed a problem with missing flight control data in savegames.
  • Fixed a stall when loading savegames.
  • Fixed characters crouching when you talk to them.
  • Fixed ships still following you when you remove them from your squad.
  • Removed "Show me your skills" option for NPCs that cannot be hired.
  • Increased voice volume in videos.
  • Added feedback to indicate when you cannot hire someone because your crew is full (note: Yisha tells you, but there is currently no voice, only subtitles).
  • Added data to try to help nVidia Optimus software select the correct GPU.
  • Added fallback to show subtitles if the voice for a text line is missing, even if subtitles are off.
  • Added Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese localisations.

v1.16 (Nov 22nd 2013)

  • Fixed video stutter/crackle at start.
  • Fixed several more crashes during start-up and in-game.
  • Fixed specific crash when using Alt-Tab or changing shaders.
  • Fixed specific crash when leaving a highway.
  • Fixed several problems with trade ships being blocked from operating (more fixes to come).
  • Fixed problem with not being able to see dock icons for certain ships.
  • Fixed problem with certain missions potentially not working after saving and reloading.

v1.17 (Nov 23rd 2013)

  • Added autosave facility.
  • Added button to clear trade queue.
  • Fixed crash after displaying fatal error dialog.
  • Fixed stall loading certain savegames.
  • Fixed target point list growing uncontrollably in certain situations.
  • Fixed problem with ships not joining formations.
  • Fixed ships getting stuck during mass traffic trades.
  • Fixed several problems with ship scripts.
  • Fixed lipsync on Split characters.
  • Fixed dialog choices shown in wrong language when loading savegame from another language.
  • Fixed the primary cause of highway exit crashes. Fix for a less common crash involving highways will follow as soon as possible.

v1.17 Hotfix (Nov 23rd 2013)

  • Fixed highway crashes.

v1.18 (Dec 2nd 2013)

  • Fixed several causes of crashes in-game and when loading savegames.
  • Fixed a specific problem resulting in periodic slow-downs.
  • Improved general performance (first small improvement only, more to come).
  • Fixed several problems resulting in trade ships getting stuck.
  • Fixed several problems with ship/drone docking/undocking behaviour.
  • Fixed problem with player drone formations.
  • Fixed several small localisation issues.
  • Improved skill levels for new NPCs.
  • Improved readability of entries in interaction menus.
  • Improved GPU listing on laptops with multiple GPUs (still some driver-related issues on certain hardware).

v1.19 (Dec 9th 2013)

  • Fixed major slowdown after loading savegames.
  • Fixed several more causes of crashes.
  • Fixed more cases of trade ships getting stuck.
  • Fixed large ships being unable to trade with Canteran station in DeVries.
  • Fixed undocking problems after trading.
  • Fixed ammunition trade problems.
  • Fixed mining drones getting stuck.
  • Fixed negative number of drones in cargo.
  • Fixed cargo bays containing more wares than they can hold.
  • Fixed cockpit animations hanging (see note below).
  • Fixed problem with targeting player-owned ships.
  • Fixed incorrect player position during highway flight.
  • Fixed player owned ships being assigned the wrong commander.
  • Fixed ships with missing AI functionality.
  • Fixed problems with Engineer functionality.
  • Improved flight behaviour for boarding and claiming.
  • Improved combat behaviour for capital ships.
  • Fixed station defence problems.
  • Fixed incorrect defence routines being used on ships.
  • Fixed switching the AI mode of the Defence Officer.
  • Added defend and attack mode options to Defence Officer.
  • Rebalanced skills of existing NPCs in line with new ones.
  • Rebalanced contents of boxes and other containers on platforms.
  • Rebalanced cost of ship and station repair.
  • Fixed transport passenger mission getting blocked after cutscene.
  • Fixed sounds not stopping sometimes.
  • Fixed buttons not working with mouse input.
  • Added facility to unmap controls in control mapping menu (press Delete).
  • Added video capture mode with ability to switch off cockpit (Expert settings).
  • Fixed too many missing extensions breaking the load game menu.
  • Several localisation improvements.

DEV NOTE: If cockpit animations are still stuck after loading an old savegame then you may need to press Enter 5-5 and then return to the cockpit for this fix to take effect.