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FFI function IsTargetInPlayerActivePrimaryWeaponRange() change

This function used to determine the distance between the player ship and the specified target and the range of the player ship's current active primary weapon. This behavior was however unintended for the case where you controlled a drone. In this case the function should take the distance of the target to the drone and also use the weapon range of the drone weapon. See XRUIMOD-62 - Data cannot be retrieved due to an unexpected error

If you rely on the old behavior, feel free to add an issue to the bugtracker or get in touch via the Forum to file a feature request.

Lua function GetLocalMousePosition() change

This function used to return the position of the mouse cursor when it was clicked (for a few frames after the button was pressed) instead of the mouse-cursors current function (see: XRUIMOD-57 - Data cannot be retrieved due to an unexpected error )

Since this is quite inconsistent and doesn't fit with the function name, this was changed. The function consistently returns the current mouse-position now regardless of whether the LMB was pressed or not.

It's expected to be not a notable change by the user. However, as of post 3.61 - 2 a new Lua function (GetLocalMouseClickPosition) was added which retrieves the accurate mouse click position ( XRUIMOD-66 - Data cannot be retrieved due to an unexpected error ).

FFI function SetMapRenderTarget() change

The function got a slight behavior change in post 3.61 - 2. The old behavior was to always display the map/radar focused on the player ship. As of post 3.61 - 2 this now displays the map/radar around the object the player controls at the time of calling SetMapRenderTarget() (which is either the player ship or the remote controlled drone). If you rely on a different object being the focused one, a new function was added where you can explicitly specify the focus component: XRUIMOD-67 - Data cannot be retrieved due to an unexpected error