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There's an excellent guide to Campaign Walkthrough on the Starfreeze website here - NOTE the Starfreeze walkthrough is for V2.0; the plotlines haven't been changed but a lot of fixes have happened since then!. It contains spoilers as you might expect, but not excessively so. That guide focuses on the specifics and known bugs rather than the use of videos but it's not been updated for a while, so some bug warnings may be unnecessary; however the actual Campaign is basically the same.

Station-related changes during the campaign
  1. The player builds a limited drone factory (Integrative URV (iURV) Forge) that, uniquely, only needs mined resources and ECs (details).
  2. Four NPC CVs (HoA and RoC) appear and build stations only during the campaign, which the player can supply wares to for money (details)*.
  3. One NPC station gains a different NPC owner during the campaign only (details). 

*This begins to occur around the time of a mission where you help some HoA ships travel to DV. After this point, the geographic/economic differences to the Campaign's universe compared to Freeplay starts occur. The CV diaspora appears to be triggered by starting (or maybe finishing) the first stage of the iURV Forge. These developments are consequences the Player's efforts to support the RoC and help HoA civilians find a new home.

Mission progression

Occasionally there will be Campaign missions that will advance on their own if we ignore them for too long, but these don't occur until after we've left the starting system (Albion) for the first time. For example, during the DV mining ship mission, and after we've started building the Campaign iURV forge. 

Faction relation changes

At an early stage during the Campaign, the PMC becomes hostile to the the player (-20 faction relations). For the duration of most of the campaign, standings with the PMC are hard-locked at -20. At -20, the PMC will attack the Player's ship (Albion Skunk) and the Player's Fight ships; however, the PMC will not attack the Player's Trade ships, Mine ships or stations if their Defence Officers (DOs) (if any) are set to Defend (otherwise <playerships> would start fights & PMC would retaliate); PMC will not allow the player's Trade or Mine ships to trade with their stations either. This doesn't prevent the player from building stations in Albion if they wish, but it makes it impractical to do things such as using Fight ships to patrol zones or to escort Trade/Mine ships.

At the end of the campaign, standing with the PMC is reduced to -17 and becomes unlocked. At this point it's up to the player to decide whether they wish to continue bad relations with PMC or repair relations (e.g. by killing pirates or Xenon near their stations). Once relations become -17, the PMC will not attack the Player and they won't attack the Player's Fight ships if their DOs are set to Defend. See here for further information on the effects of reputation.

Further repercussions of the PMC relation change

As soon as the PMC become hostile to the Player (upon first entering DV), a maximum of 5 capital ships owned by the player become impounded by PMC. Don't worry too much though: you'll get them back after further Campaign missions (see below). This situation doesn't prevent you acquiring more ships within DV or elsewhere & using them anywhere you have access to. Although the impounded ships (& therefore their cargo) won't be immediately available to build or supply/defend the Campaign station, they will be returned before we need to complete construction of the first stage (so it's more of a potential delay than a block). Any ship(s) that have been impounded may need their orders restarted (or to be reassigned to their previous commander) once regained; check their Engineers & DOs too!

 Click here for spoiler about impounded ships...

Confiscation preferentially selects capitals with no commanding ship, or ships working for a station. If that's not enough, it goes for ships in your squad.

Quirk with a gate transition

After you've discovered a new system called DeVries, you'll eventually be asked to return to Albion. If you are travelling/boosting very quickly while returning the game may not realise you did so, and ask you to go back to DeVries. Simply pop back and forth through the gate again and things should progress. 

Avoiding the loss of a unique item of equipment in Maelstrom 

As soon as Maelstrom becomes open to the Player, it is a good idea to consider looking for the unique items that can be found in the system. The unique items in question are found in various specific points in the galaxy and are used for crafting Rare Shields. The reason for finding and collecting the Maelstrom items ASAP is because in one case the item is hidden within the geometry of a Xenon station that the Campaign asks us to destroy. Damage from the station explosion will open the lockbox, and subsequent explosions and weapon fire during the mission could potentially destroy the item (see further warning info here).

Avoiding a game-stopping issue during a Maelstrom mission

There is a campaign mission in Maelstrom system that asks you to collect 5 Xenon Components. Before embarking on that (e.g. before using a cloaking device), it is advisable to be carrying 2 Tojan URVs. Without going into too much detail, you'll be glad of a spare if one is lost!  

 Click here for spoiler info why 2 drones is best...

While cloaked it's possible for a Tojan URV to be destroyed. If that happens and you don't have a spare, you won't be able to buy replacements because all friendly traders will think you're Xenon.

Building the Campaign station

One of the required materials for building the station can be hard to come by at this stage of the vanilla game: Fusion Reactors. Two stations can be accessed to buy these items back in hostile Albion (PMC) space: Ledda Industrial (LI) owns Ship Tech Fabs in the Buried Treasure and Forge-Welded Mail zones. Placing a Trade Agent on those stations via the smalltalk mini-game will initially* uncover all storage areas of the stations prior to scanning, in addition to providing real time updates to the Skunk's trade interface (Shift-T). If no Fusion Reactors are available to buy it is recommended to scan both these stations to 100% (using a Beholder drone if necessary) & use the station & Production Details screens to see what resources the stations are missing. When the stations are fully stocked for production the factory timers (available from the station's Details screen, if you've scanned the factory's production modules) will allow you to judge when to jump on the orders to buy the item(s) you need. It is always also possible to gain these items through acts of piracy or hacking if you enjoy those challenges more.

Reinforced Metal Plating is also unavailable to buy at this stage of the Campaign, as the only accessible stations that sell this resource are owned by Plutarch and therefore are hostile to the player**. The required amount of RMP for the two stages the Campaign requires you to build is provided to the CV you are given, but you should not build any extra stages for this station until you can freely access and leave Omicron Lyrae (or survive the pirates in DLC areas if you have access - see below) unless you wish to make your game a lot more difficult!

 *Destroyed (while <player> is OOZ) storage modules after a TA is hired will currently (v4RC3) not show up as being scanned once rebuilt, even if a TA is onboard; this may be altered with v4 release or shortly after.

**There is one LI Arms Tech Fab in Straining Coppice, but the chances of it having any spare RMP or FR are so small as to be negligible. However you can spend a few hours scanning it & watching like a hawk if you feel so inclined.

Tip for before starting Jonferson missions in OL

The first mission is to escort a Nyanae Medium Trade Ship and it begins automatically after arriving at a station in Paramount Benifactor. It's possible to use the SETA while using the Autopilot to, for example, follow a ship. If you craft a SETA before the mission starts, it could be enjoyable to use one. The related Sector (Radiant Haven) has an incomplete highway loop so it can be generally useful in that area anyway. If at any point during that first mission the ship gets stuck on/in the geometry of an object, travel a zone or two away and it should stop detecting collisions and proceed.

Spoiler: DLC-related gate issue

 Click here for spoiler about gates...
 When the gate to DeVries first opens (by you flying through it), ALL the gates to DLC areas also open. Therefore it becomes possible to buy Campaign-related wares that are rare in Albion from OL or other areas; therefore, depending on your point of view, it opens up the potential for spoiler/cheating. Note that Campaign gates are held shut by scripted constraints, so DLC trading (or routing) will take a long time & expose <player> traders to additional hazards/hostiles.

Spoiler: Campaign-related discounts on Skunk equipment

 Click here for spoiler about equipment discounts...

During the Campaign the Player will be offered 3 opportunities for a hefty (40%) discount on certain items for the Skunk from NPC Mechanics. While in general the selection of hardware (weapons/shields/engines) will be limited by what is available, we can choose pretty much any software (e.g. top-range Scanners & Trade Computers). If you save up lots of cash prior to these discount opportunities, you can grab top-range stuff early (smile) These Campaign discounts are cumulative with any other discounts you may have (eg from rep, smalltalk, whatever):


1st major discount becomes available upon first talking to Karen Stringer in DV (at this point PMC is hostile)
2nd major discount becomes available after talking to Jimee Tomson at Pearly Shore when you've been forced into OL for the first time from DV
3rd major discount becomes available in OL just before you're asked to enter Maelstrom


  1. Anonymous

    Notes to self:

    Need to say when & where PMC Overwatch becomes active (it's in BP|TS but it's shown before the relevant plot mission takes you there..)

    <other points to be continued when I remember...>

    1. PMC standing is now locked at -20 throughout the campaign

  2. Thanks for the replies. We can all update and add to wiki pages (see here for info) - please feel free (smile)

  3. Hi IG, nice one for starting a walk-through :)

    Some of the info above it may be useful within a walkthrough. If not, we can shift them to the end and make the walkthrough the main focus of the page.

    - Sparky

  4. Anonymous

    The walkthrough is being written as I play largely and so much of the text has not been revised extensively and may change over time. There may also be new points added into previous chapters if I find that they would be relevant retrospectively (such as I almost forgot about the Artefact).

    An interesting point I have noticed is that due to the increased spawn rate of Hard mode one may be getting more loot from NPC ships. Loot still drops from NPC ships even if the combat entirely involved NPCs. As such one can wait around stations being raided until combat ends and then go and collect hoards of items such as weapon mods and missiles long before your ship is anywhere near ready to partake in fights. Of course this can be done at lower difficulties but the amount of loot may be less due to the smaller wing size.


  5. Heh! Tks Sparky; I was unsure of whether to add that spoiler as its requirements are only mentioned in the beta forum, so only certain (ES forum) members have access..


    Also ISTR number of impounded ships went down from 10 to 5 at some point..

    1. You're welcome, thanks for asking about it! 

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