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Individual map item (system, sector, zone) pages will be created and updated automatically. If you will write something on individual these pages, your changes may be overwritten.

The 'game world' describes where you are at in X:Rebirth. Sometimes the 'game world' is also referred to as the 'game universe' or 'X universe' but this can lead to ambiguity with the astronomical meaning of 'universe'. As described in here in more detail, X:Rebirth currently takes place in a single galaxy, comprising several star systems.

System: Albion

Sector: Lookout Alpha

Brief Description: Lookout Alpha is located at the orbit of the once-unstable planet of Albion, now self-destructed due to its instability. All of the four rock minerals are commonly found here, with random patches of Hydrogen in Auspicious Excavation. Food, Cell-Fabs and some refinery stations can be found here.

  • Azure Barrier
  • Dormant Bear
    • PMC Badlands Colony
  • Smokestack
    • Medical Dispensary
  • Epsilon Lowlands
    • Warning: Sovereign Syndicate often infests this Zone!
  • Straining Coppice
    • Drone factory: Ledda Industrial
  • Even Temper
  • Auspicious Excavation
    • Jump Gate: to Twilight Sentinel, Bleak Pebble, DeVries
  • Dwarvish Tinderbox
  • Distant Fume
  • Wrecksville
    • Jump Beacon
    • Cell Recharge Fab

Sector: Inner World

Brief Description: Inner World, as its name suggests, is located in the outer core of the unstable planet. Plasma is surprisingly common here, with a few Zones of rock minerals available. Also, this Sector houses the only deposits of Ice in the entire Albion. There are no fuel stations for your cap-ships here. A bit of Arms Tech stations can be found here.

  • Watergate
    • Arms Tech Fab: PMC
  • Cuspid Splint
    • Jump Beacon
    • Small Shipyard: Ledda Industrial
    • H2O Additives Fac: Ledda Industrial
  • Frozen Circuit
    • H2O Additives Fac: Ledda Industrial
  • Periodic Blasting
    • Medical Dispensary: No Limits
  • Sinister Poem
    • Medical Dispensary: No Limits
  • Crossroads
  • Cold Peaks
  • Distress Reek
    • H2O Additives Fac: Ledda Industrial

Sector: Ascendancy

Brief Description: Ascendancy is located at where the unstable planet's core was at before it exploded. As a result, the hot molten magma in the core solidified, and various rock minerals become easily accessible. As a result, Ascendancy can see a wide range of refineries and high-tech (also ship-tech) stations operating on the numerous rock minerals. Huge rock mineral deposits are commonplace, along with random patches of different gas deposits scattered across the entire Sector. Mining is recommended to be carried out in this Sector. There are no fuel stations for your cap-ships.

  • Five Ways
    • Drone factory: Plutarch Mining Corporation
    • Small Shipyard: Plutarch Mining Corporation
  • Shady Vault
    • Large Shipyard: Plutarch Mining Corporation
    • Drone factory: Plutarch Mining Corporation
  • Buried Treasure
    • Jump Beacon
  • The Third Duke
  • Serpentine Driveway
    • Spice Plantations: No Limits
  • Forlorn Armoury
  • Liquid Metal
  • Forge-Wielded Mail

Sector: Far Out

Brief Description: Far Out, as its name suggests, is located at the far edge of the unstable planet, with a gas giant at its neighbourhood. It is surprisingly barren here, with no deposits of any rock minerals and gas except a little amount of Hydrogen available at one side of the Sector. Food and Energy production facilities are commonly found in the Sector, making economic development in this Sector very desirable.

However, development in Far Out faces resistance with Heart of Albion having a few stations of their own in the Sector. With the enraging war between the corrupted PMC and the limited HoA, PMC traders may be destroyed by HoA random HoA patrols. This Sector is still "controlled" by PMC, despite obvious dominance of HoA and the almost-absence of PMC in the region, so shooting at PMC patrol ships can trigger the PMC police force. It could therefore be seen that Far Out is indeed a renegade Sector.

  • The Big Empty
    • PMC Plutarch Exchange
  • Concealed Hideout
  • Exhaustless Mines
    • HOA Lonely Giant
    • Jump Gate: (DLC: TO) to Fields of Opportunity
  • Woodland Pasture
  • Steady Mole
    • Freeplay Start Position
  • Gemstone Manufacture
    • Heart of Albion "Homeworld"
    • Large Shipyard: Heart of Albion
  • Rising Star



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