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In the X-Universe your skill and relation to races is measured in ranks.   Player ranks have effects on the game difficulty and the magnitude of monetary rewards for missions.

Player Ranks

Fight Rank

Trade Rank

Race Ranks

The race rank you have represents how much the faction loves or hates you and affects the prices at which they are willing to sell/buy ships, if you are allowed to purchase certain factories and ships, which stations you can dock at or if they want to shoot you out of the sky.   Race ranks go from -5 to +10 and is based on a point system dependent on trade, missions and kills.

+10: 333,333-1,000,000 points (only able to be increased over 16-21% by killing enemies of the race)(you might be able to board an M1/M2+ without them wanting your blood if it is >30%)

+9: 100,000-333,332 (can purchase M2 destroyers)

+8: 33,333-99,999 (can purchase M1 carriers)

+7: 10,000-33,332 (can purchase M7/M7M/M7C frigates)

+6: 3,333-99,999 (can purchase M6+ heavy corvettes)

+5: 1,000- 3,332 (can purchase police licence, M6 corvettes, M3+ heavy fighters and TLs) 

+4: 333-999 (can purchase M3 fighters and M4+ heavy interceptors)

+3: 100-332 (can purchase TS small transports, M4 interceptors and M5 scouts)

+2: 33-99

+1: 10-32

+0: -10-9 (can dock at all race owned stations)

-1: -100-(-11) (can only dock in border sectors)

-2: -1,000-(-101) (not allowed to dock at any station owned by the race and entering core sectors will cause a fighter squad to spawn and pursue the player)(core sector stations and border sector trading stations will appear hostile)(player owned ships attacking hostile stations will trigger Rapid Response ships counter attacking)

-3: -10,000-(-1,001) (the race will attack all the player's property with great prejudice)

-4: -100,000-(-10,001) (the race will send rapid response ships to hunt you in any sector belonging to them that you enter)

-5: -1,000,000-(-100,001) (reputation gained by missions will not affect the rank and only the blood of enemies of the race can dig the player out of this hole)