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In the X-Universe your skill and relation to races is measured in ranks.   Player ranks have effects on the game difficulty and the magnitude of monetary rewards for missions.

Player Ranks

Fight Rank

Increased by killing stuff.   Each Ship class has a value of points given if killed In general the bigger and tougher the ship killed is the more points towards this rank you get.   Ships killed by player owned ships out of sector give a reduced number of points.   Affects the rate and number of NPC ships spawned as well as the amount of equipment and owned ships belonging to patrols and carriers.   Affects the ships spawned for combat missions in combination with the class of player piloted ship and player owned ships in sector.   Keeping this ranking low makes the boarding of some capital ships easier (eg. Valhalla).   The second to final mission of the Shady Business plot requires the destruction of a total of 50 capital ships which will give a high fight rank if done by a player piloted ship.   If SETA is left on without player input for long periods the player Fight Rank will drop 2% every game hour (6 minutes on 1000% SETA).











Warrior (large boost to spawn rate of NPC ships)(Xenon start frequent attacks from Xenon Sector 472)


Master Chief

Fighter Chief (corvettes start to spawn for combat missions and for pirate patrols) 



Professional (starts the Operation Loose Ends plot missions)

Eagle Eye




Fighter (lowest rank idle SETA exploitation will drop to)









Harmless (single M5 spawns as an opponent for combat missions)(Xenon activity???)

Trade Rank

Increased by buying and selling wares and stocks at values favourable in comparison to the average.   Credits earned from missions do not count to this rank.   The sale of wares at equipment docks and trading stations do not count (even if highly profitable) as the sales price is always average.   The rank increases on the number of transactions and the magnitude of difference from the average price and not the profit or total credits made.   This means buying and selling energy cells one at a time from cheap to expensive sources is a good way to boost this rank early on.   This rank affects the amount of credits offered by missions and what ship classes can be found by return ship/return abandoned ship/return stolen ship missions.   If SETA is left on without player input for long periods the player Trade Rank will drop 0.25% every game hour (6 minutes on 1000% SETA).


Pan-Galactic Tycoon (missions offer very easy: 126,089-202,074 easy: 365,935-2,241,791 Average:170,587-6,734,939 hard: 276,416-12,106,485 very hard: 543,827-26,786,624 credits)


Super Magnate




Master Industrialist



Master Economist


Master Broker



Petty Financier




Petty Retailer


Master Dealer (lowest rank idle SETA exploitation will drop to)


Trader (enables use of the Boron Stock Exchange stations)

Apprentice Trader


Petty vendor




Opportunist (missions offer General: 1,200-8,000 credits)

Race Ranks

The race rank you have represents how much the faction loves or hates you and affects the prices at which they are willing to sell/buy ships, if you are allowed to purchase certain factories and ships, which stations you can dock at or if they want to shoot you out of the sky.   Race ranks go from -5 to +10 and is based on a point system dependent on trade, missions and kills.   The higher the class of ship killed the larger the influence it has on Race Rank.

+10: 333,333-1,000,000 points (only able to be increased over 16-21% by killing enemies of the race)(you might be able to board an M1/M2+ without them wanting your blood if it is >30%)

+9: 100,000-333,332 (can purchase M2 destroyers)

+8: 33,333-99,999 (can purchase M1 carriers)

+7: 10,000-33,332 (can purchase M7/M7M/M7C frigates)

+6: 3,333-99,999 (can purchase M6+ heavy corvettes)

+5: 1,000- 3,332 (can purchase police licence, M6 corvettes, M3+ heavy fighters and TLs) 

+4: 333-999 (can purchase M3 fighters and M4+ heavy interceptors)

+3: 100-332 (can purchase TS small transports, M4 interceptors and M5 scouts)

+2: 33-99

+1: 10-32

0: -10-9 (can dock at all race owned stations)

-1: -100-(-11) (can only dock in border sectors)

-2: -1,000-(-101) (not allowed to dock at any station owned by the race and entering core sectors will cause a fighter squad to spawn and pursue the player)(core sector stations and border sector trading stations will appear hostile)(player owned ships attacking hostile stations will trigger Rapid Response ships counter attacking)

-3: -10,000-(-1,001) (the race will attack all the player's property with great prejudice within their territory)

-4: -100,000-(-10,001) (the race will send rapid response ships to hunt you in any sector belonging to them that you enter and use any combat competent ship to attack all player ships in any sector)

-5: -1,000,000-(-100,001) (reputation gained by missions will not affect the rank and only the blood of enemies of the race can dig the player out of this hole)



+10:  Hero of the Federation

+9: Protector of the Federation

+8: Federation Overwatch

+7: Federation Marshall

+6: Federation Guardian

+5: Trusted Ally

+4: Accepted Advisor

+3: Confirmed Friend

+2: Federation Associate

+1: Federation Member

0: Citizen

-1: Suspected Foe

-2: Known antagonist (boarding a Colossus Hauler can bring the player from +10 to this if done wrong)

-3: Confirmed Insurgent

-4: Confirmed enemy

-5: Enemy of the Federation (Terran starting scenarios begin with this)


+10: Command Access

+9: Operations Access

+8: Research Access

+7: Earth Access

+6: Lunar Access

+5: Mercury Access

+4: Venus Access

+3: Mars Access

+2: Asteroid Belt Access

+1: Outer System Access

0: No System Access

-1: Suspect Programmer

-2: Tech Fugitive (boarding a Valhalla can bring the player from +10 to this if done wrong)

-3: Known AGI Sympathiser

-4: Illegal AGI Developer

-5: AGI Task Force Nemesis


+10: Knight of the Kingdom

+9: King's Protectorate

+8: Kings Knight

+7: Queen's Protectorate

+6: Queens Knight

+5: Queen's Guard

+4: Noble Peer

+3: Trusted Courtier

+2: Accepted Friend

+1: Friend

0: Acquaintance

-1: Antagonist

-2: Confirmed Adversary

-3: Enemy of Menelaus

-4: Queen's Nemesis

-5: Enemy of the Kingdom


+10: Protector of the Goners

+9: Holy Order of the Goners

+8: Goner Evangelist

+7: Goner Preacher

+6: Honoured Pilgrim

+5: Trusted Pilgrim

+4: Faithful Believer

+3: Believer

+2: Follower

+1: Accepted Member

0: Sceptic

-1: Agnostic

-2: Heathen

-3: Blasphemer

-4: Heretic

-5: Defiler of the Truth


+10: Honour Guard of Xaar

+9: Seeker of the Holy Light

+8: Emperor's Protectorate

+7: Friend of Emperor

+6: Priest Protectorate

+5: Friend of Priest King

+4: Friend of Priest Duke

+3: Priest Confidante

+2: Friend of Priest (enables use of Paranid Stock Exchange stations)

+1: Friend

0: Nomad

-1: Unholy Nomad

-2: Tainted Wanderer

-3: Desecrator of Holy Light

-4: Enemy of Priest Duke

-5: Enemy of Priest Xaar


Pirates reputation does not show up in the My Pilot Status menu but their Race Rank can be guessed based on certain features

+10: (pirate owned stations spawn friendly ships)

+5-(+9): (can dock at pirate anarchy ports without station hacks and pirate patrols turn friendly Out of Sector in sectors with player property)

-1-(+4): (can dock at Pirate Base stations but all pirate ships are hostile)

-5-(-2): (all things piratey want your doubloons)


+10: Honoured Strong Arm of Rhonkar

+9: Honoured Imperator of Rhonkar

+8: Inner Circle of Rhonkar

+7: Privileged Associate of Rhonkar

+6: Family Protector

+5: Distinguished Associate

+4: Family Friend

+3: Comrade

+2: Friend

+1: Known Venturer

0: Creature

-1: Shameless Creature

-2: Family Outcast

-3: Family Enemy

-4: Enemy of Rhonkar

-5: Enemy of all Split Families


+10: Company Director

+9: Venture Capitalist

+8: Venture Profiteer

+7: Company Owner

+6: Company Manager

+5: Majority Shareholder

+4: Shareholder

+3: Company Trader

+2: Company Helper

+1: Profit Opportunity

0: Profit Initiate

-1: Profit Liability

-2: Mercantile Rebel

-3: Commercial Anarchist

-4: Commercial Enemy

-5: Enemy of the Corporation


+10: Hero of Sol

+9: Solar Sentinel

+8: Guardian of Earth

+7: Planetary Senator

+6: Servant of Terra

+5: Warrior of Io

+4: Marshall of Mars

+3: Senatorial Advisor

+2: Regional Representative

+1: Local Councillor

0: Citizen

-1: Revolutionary

-2: Renegade

-3: Insurgent

-4: Terrorist

-5: Enemy of Sol


Yaki reputation does not show up in the My Pilot Status menu but their Race Rank can be guessed based on certain features

+10: (stations say "We are honoured to welcome you aboard this Yaki station.")

+5-(+9):  (stations say "We wish to welcome aboard this Yaki station.   You are among friends here.")

-1-(+4): (stations say "Welcome aboard this Yaki station.")

-2: (the Shuri in Weavers Tempest is hostile and stations there will not allow the player to dock but other ships and stations are still friendly)

-5-(-3): (unable to dock at any Yaki station and Yaki ships throughout the X-universe are hostile)



Mirrors Boron Race Rank 

+10: Knight of Atreus

+9: Shipbuilding Guardian

+8: Atreus Currents Shareholder

+7: Shipbuilding Protector

+6: Trusted Wholesaler

+5: Shipbuilding Specialist

+4: Technology Broker

+3: Specialist Supplier

+2: Confirmed Supplier

+1: Potential Contact

0: Potential Friend

-1: Antagonist

-2: Adversary

-3: Confirmed Enemy

-4: Enemy of Shipbuilding

-5: Enemy of Atreus


Mirrors Pirates Race Rank 

+10: Honour Guard of Priest Duke

+9: Priest Duke's Guardian

+8: Priest Duke's Warrior

+7: Priest's Guard

+6: Buccaneers' Specialist

+5: Buccaneers' Assassin

+4: Buccaneers' Professional

+3: Duke's Buccaneer

+2: Associate

+1: Accomplice

0: Potential Contact

-1: Suspected Informer

-2: Enemy

-3: Confirmed Enemy

-4: Confirmed Insurgent

-5: Enemy of the Duke


The Race Rank of this corporation is only affected by making right and wrong choices for the Corporation Troubles random missions 

+10: Absolute Monopoly (stop getting Corporation Troubles random missions)

+9: Top 3 Most Valuable Corporation

+8: Top 10 Most Valuable Corporation

+7: Brand Leader

+6: Strong Competitor

+5: Trusted Bank Client

+4: Customer Favourite

+3: Profit Orientated

+2: Operating in the Black

+1: First Positive Steps (payout value at the end of the Corporation Troubles plot starts increasing over time)

0: Break Even (payout value at the end of the Corporation Troubles plot stops reducing over time)

-1: Operating in the Red

-2: Increasing Debts

-3: Losing Contracts

-4: Insolvent

-5: Bankrupt (liquidity of the corporation slowly drops over time)


Mirrors Argon Race Rank 

+10: Hero of Jonferson

+9: Jonferson Crusader

+8: JSDD Shareholder

+7: JSDD Protector

+6: JSDD Specialist

+5: JSDD Broker

+4: JSDD Professional

+3: Capitalist

+2: Skilled Dealer

+1: Hired

0: Apprentice

-1: Nuisance

-2: Disruption

-3: Confirmed Enemy

-4: Enemy of Progress

-5: Enemy of Jonferson


Mirrors Teladi Race Rank 

+10: Hero of Profit

+9: Profit Overlord

+8: PTNI Shareholder

+7: Nividium Specialist

+6: Professional Nividium Broker

+5: Nividium Broker

+4: Mineral Specialist

+3: Professional Supplier

+2: Confirmed Supplier

+1: Contracted Trader

0: Friend

-1: Trade Nuisance

-2: Mining Disruption

-3: Kha'ak Sympathiser

-4: Enemy of Nividium

-5: Enemy of PTNI


Mirrors Argon Race Rank  

+10: OTAS Legend

+9: OTAS Hero

+8: OTAS Guardian

+7: OTAS Master Chief

+6: Combat Expert

+5: Combat Field Agent

+4: Armaments Professional

+3: Security Specialist

+2: Combat Support

+1: Hired Security

0: Contracted

-1: Suspected Security Breach

-2: Known Antagonist

-3: Confirmed Enemy

-4: Confirmed Insurgent

-5: Enemy of OTAS


Mirrors Argon Race Rank 

+10: Industrialist Legend

+9: Trade Guardian

+8: Plutarch Shareholder

+7: Merchant Protector

+6: Transportation Specialist

+5: Merchant Miner

+4: Mineral Specialist

+3: Professional Supplier

+2: Confirmed Supplier

+1: Hired Trader

0: Potential Contact

-1: Nuisance

-2: Disruption

-3: Confirmed Enemy

-4: Enemy of Free Trade

-5: Enemy of Plutarch


Mirrors Split Race Rank 

+10: Honoured Strong Arms Legend

+9: Imperator of Strong Arms

+8: Strong Arms' Battlemaster

+7: Strong Arms' Protector

+6: Strong Arms' Assassin

+5: Warrior Specialist

+4: Warrior

+3: Combat Support

+2: Associate

+1: Accomplice

0: Friend

-1: Outcast

-2: Combat Nuisance

-3: Confirmed Enemy

-4: Enemy Warrior

-5: Enemy of Strong Arms


Mirrors Argon Race Rank 

+10: Terracorp Legend

+9: Kho's Hero

+8: Crusader of Getsu Fune

+7: Security Master Chief

+6: Terracorp Protection Specialist

+5: Terracorp Protection Agent

+4: Terracorp Professional

+3: Security Specialist

+2: Combat Support

+1: Hired Protection

0: Contracted

-1: Potential Security Breach

-2: Suspected Enemy

-3: Confirmed Antagonist

-4: Confirmed Insurgent

-5: Enemy of Terracorp