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The Albion Skunk is controlled by changing the ship's attitude via yaw and pitch controls, and applying forward thrust.

Yaw and Pitch

The yaw and pitch controls yaw the front of the ship left or right, and pitch the front of the ship up or down.

Default Controls:

Keyboard: Arrow Keys
Oculus Touch: Right Stick, Gesture
Vive Controller: Right Trackpad, Gesture
Xbox Controller: Right Stick


The throttle controls the speed with which the ship moves forward along the attitude set by yaw and pitch.  It is also possible to completely cut the throttle thereby making the ship stop, and to apply reverse throttle to move backwards.

The throttle is not used to directly control the amount of thrust applied onto the ship, but rather is used to set the resultant speed desired for the ship.  Automatic systems on the ship then apply thrust as appropriate to attain the desired speed at the set attitude.  (See the subsection on Flight Assist under the section Flight (Advanced) for more details)

Accelerate / Decelerate

Pressing a button mapped to the Accelerate control increases the desired speed.  Pressing a button mapped to the Decelerate control decreases the desired speed.

Default Controls - Acceleration/Deceleration:


Increase Wanted Speed: X
Reduce Wanted Speed: Z

Oculus Touch: Unavailable (Can be mapped in the Controls menu)
Vive Controller: Unavailable (Can be mapped in the Controls menu)
Xbox Controller: Unavailable (Can be mapped in the Controls menu)

Analog Throttle Control

The Analog Throttle Control sets the throttle to the level set on the input device.  With controllers where this is the default method of controlling speed, a button is defined to apply full speed in reverse as long as the button is pressed.

Default Controls - Analog Throttle Control:

Oculus Touch:

Throttle: Left Trigger
Full Reverse: Left Shoulder

Vive Controller:

Throttle: Left Hair Trigger
Full Reverse: Left Grip

Xbox Controller:

Throttle: Left Trigger
Full Reverse: Left Shoulder

It is also possible to map the throttle to a control with an input range such as an external throttle device.

By default, this device would then control your full range of linear motion: moving the throttle control forward along the defined axis applying forward thrust, moving it back applying reverse thrust, and resting the control at the center of its axis to stop the ship.  It is possible, however, to make the entire range of motion only apply to forward movement, thereby making the ship stop by pulling the control all the way back.  This is done by toggling the Bi-directional Throttle setting in the Controls submenu of the Options menu to Off.

If Bi-directional throttle is off, how do you move the ship in reverse?  It is possible to map a control to invert the axis controlling the throttle.  With this key held down, moving the control forward would apply full reverse thrust rather than full forward thrust.  At the moment, this is only mapped for the Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog stick.

IMPORTANT: Remember that bi-directional throttle is a setting that is used for all of your input devices.  So if using a joystick which requires bi-directional throttle off (such as an analog throttle device with no center notch) with another input device that requires bi-directional throttle on (such as a gamepad or the Oculus Touch), your configuration settings may conflict.  For example: if set to off, you would move a throttle device to the very back of its axis to make the ship stop.  However, when activating the Oculus Touch at this point, your ship will start moving forward at half-speed.


Strafe controls apply the ship's thrusters to directly move the ship up, down, left, or right without changing the ship's attitude.  These thrusters are completely independent of the ship's engines, and can be operated while the ship is already in motion.

Default Controls:

Keyboard: W, A, S, D
Oculus Touch: Left Stick
Vive Controller: Left Trackpad
Xbox Controller: Left Stick


Roll controls roll the ship around its spinal axis.  While it does affect the attitude of the ship, it does not affect movement and is mostly useful to regulate your own sense of up and down relative to everything else around you.

Default Controls:

Keyboard: Q, E
Oculus Touch: Gesture
Vive Controller: Gesture
Xbox Controller: Unavailable (Can be mapped in the Controls menu)

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