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Most ships have boost engines that allow them to accelerate to a very high speed for short amounts of time.  These boost engines supplement engine power by draining shield energy.

Default Controls - Boost:

Keyboard: Tab
Oculus Rift: Left Stick Click
Vive Controller: Left Trigger Button
Xbox Controller: Left Stick Click


Highways are energy fields where all particles inside are accelerated to a very high speed in a particular direction.  Functionally, they are similar to boost engines, but require no energy from the individual ships to maintain their high velocity.

To use a highway, simply fly into it.

To exit a highway, either hit a wall of the highway or apply reverse thrust.  Note that it is not possible to exit superhighways which connect Sectors to one another.

Flight Assist

Flight assist is an advanced function that automatically makes small adjustments with your engines and thrusters to maintain the speed that you set in the direction that you point your ship to.  Most notably, it applies reverse, and potentially lateral, thrust to make your ship stop if you set your throttle to zero, and to counter external forces applied on your ship.

While flight assist is active by default, it is possible to deactivate flight assist.  This makes it possible to, for example, apply forward thrust, cut thrust, and turn the ship without affecting the ship's movement.  This control is not mapped by default, and is accessible via the General Controls submenu of the Controls menu.

Remotely Operated Vehicles

It is possible to remotely operate some drones and torpedoes that are equipped for remote operation.  When this is activated, you receive a video feed of what that vehicle sees, and any flight controls act upon the remotely-controlled object.

While flying ROVs, it is possible to manipulate the display on the upper right corner of the screen.  It is also possible to access many of your ship's functions via the Sidebar.

The Jump Drive

Capital ships have jump drives that allow them to instantaneously transport themselves to a distant location.  Due to inherent inaccuracies in these jump drives, it is only possible to jump to a jump beacon in an adjacent sector in the same star system.  Due to the extreme amounts of power involved in powering jump drives, they can only be equipped on capital ships.

Jump drives require fuel to jump.  See the subsection on [i]Refueling[/i] under the section on [b]Ship Modification[/b] for details on acquiring jump fuel.

Jump Gates

When they were still operational, jump gates used to make instantaneous travel between star systems possible.  However, they suddenly stopped operating several years ago, and we have since been cut off from other star systems.  Some jump gates have since come slowly back on line, however.

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