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For X Rebirth VR Edition this applies to the change from 4.30 Hotfix 1 -> 4.30 Hotfix 2.

Lua function GetControllerInfo() change

For 4.30 we focused on improving the joystick support in X Rebirth. Since we weren't sure up to the very last minute weather everything will make it so we can ship all of these improvements together, we had to introduce a breaking change in the RC phase (or otherwise we would have had to scrub the joystick improvements altogether). Hence, we decided to make an exception in this case.

Before XR 4.30 RC 2, calling GetControllerInfo() would have either returned "gamepad" or "mouseCursor" when using a joystick (based on the setting in the "gamepad-mode"-setting in the options menu). To correctly implement joystick support and be able to identify the current mode we changed the return value of this function to return "joystick" instead now. Since the old "gamepad-joystick-mode" was completely removed and replaced by the new autotargeting-mode, there was no way of doing that without a breaking change, unfortunately. In this regards, also note the newly added FFI-function: IsAutotargetingActive().

If you are using GetControllerInfo() in your mod and are evaluating the return value in such a way that it could break things, please update your mod. If you are running into trouble, feel free to leave us a comment here and we'll try to work things out with you.

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