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Short Name: SCA

Moniker(s): The Pact, Scale Plate

Race Description

The lizard-like Teladi are one of the founding members of the Community of Planets and have a natural affinity towards business and the accumulation of profit. They enjoy favourable relations with other races although some find their drive for profit disconcerting. Their long lifespan gives them a unique view of the Jump Gate shutdown, as does their previous experience being cut off from their home system of Ianamus Zura.

Faction Description

The Scale Plate Pact emerged as a conglomeration of greedy businessmen, desperate cutthroats and refugees displaced by the Xenon overrunning Scale Plate Green. A local phenomenon at first, these pirates were soon joined in their illicit endeavours by Teladi Company workers who had lost their livelihoods in the economic downturn created by the Jump Gate shutdown, and spread throughout the universe. According to rumours, some of their most ferocious fighters were once Ministry of Finance cadets who were not able to cope with the strict training regime and dubious mental conditioning required to turn Teladi pilots into efficient police.

While all of these disparate groups originally came together to ensure their survival by dealing in illicit goods, the scope of operations soon widened to maximise profits. Hired killings, capturing ships and hostage-taking now account for a large share of their profits. Those who could not live with the direction this organisation had taken, found themselves left behind or shot in the back.


  • Scale Plate Pact Membership



Note that while the Scale Plate Pact appears to have a neutral relation with all factions (-5) it is actually functionally an enemy relation as scale plate pact ships will plunder any faction that is below 0 reputation. Scale Plate Pact reputation is also locked to -5 unless the Scale Plate Green Terraforming project is completed.


The Scale Plate Pact does not control any sectors and will not attempt to build defence stations. However, they will construct illicit goods factories in unowned and ungoverned sectors and maintain a base of operations hidden in Hewa's Twin IV out of reach of the Teladi Company and the Ministry of Finance.


"These Scale Plate pilots certainly are bold." - Dal Busta

The Scale Plate Pact operate pirate ships disguised as other factions (much like the Fallen Families and the Yaki). Typical ships the Pact use to undertake piracy are Behemoth and Phoenix class destroyers, Minotaur gunboats and Kestrel scouts. The Pact also maintains several "Universal Freighters" which are refitted Teladi Heron, Pelican and Vulture class traders that distribute illicit goods across Ministry of Finance and Paranid policed systems.


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